How can the new amusement machine enter the venue quickly and gain popularity and revenue?

- Jan 02, 2019-

How can the new amusement machine enter the venue quickly and gain popularity and revenue?

Nowadays, people put forward higher requirements for entertainment, and the replacement of amusement machines is very fast. There are some excellent new amusement machines that enter the venue. Even if they are placed in a "conspicuous" location, the gameplay of the machine is not familiar to the players, resulting in no interest in the machine and poor revenue.

When a new amusement machine enters the venue, how can we quickly gain popularity and revenue? Share some of your personal experience and experience with you.


1, free experience

Free experience, players do not need to coin or swipe, you can experience the new machine for free. In the usual way of operation, a “free experience list” is distributed near the store, or an advertisement rack with a “new machine free experience” is placed in a conspicuous place in the store.


2, the use of "actor" mystery

The use of "actors" is a common method used in many venues, also known as "speculation."

Let the "actor" perform on the new amusement machine, attracting everyone's attention. There are two purposes. One is to familiarize everyone with the gameplay; more importantly, to guide the player to experience the new machine.


3. Use "interests" to drive

If the use of "actor" is a guiding behavior, the use of profit-driven is a temptation, more lethal! The use of "interests" to drive, taking into account the operating costs, has a certain effectiveness, which may lead to the popularity of the machine during the event, the event period is over, no one cares about the phenomenon, which is continuous playable for the amusement machine.


4, organize machine events

This way of organizing events is more suitable for amusement machines with competitive and interactive categories, such as electronic darts, arcades, racing amusement machines, and dance machines. Organizing events requires a certain amount of labor costs and capital costs, but the publicity effect achieved is also very significant.


5, adjust the difficulty of the machine

Get the popularity first, then pursue the revenue! The purpose of adjusting the difficulty is here. When the new amusement machine enters the venue, the difficulty is adjusted to “easy”, and the operation is for a period of time. When the popularity is accumulated to a certain extent, according to the popularity of the machine, the difficulty of the machine is adjusted. In order to get a good harvest of popular income!