How can the toy crane machine be successful?

- Sep 29, 2019-

How can the toy crane machine be successful?

Nowadays, a whole row of doll machines can be seen in the aisles of shopping malls, children's clothes or restaurants, in the doorway of boutique supermarkets and even next to women's shops, ranging from three or five to dozens of machines. As long as there is a high stream of people, there is the figure of the doll machine.


Doll machines have a huge market in China, but also fierce competition. According to the survey data, players choose to play the doll machine, more than 85% of the impulse from the doll machine gift. Visible, doll machine want to manage, the gift that puts is crucial! In the Internet era, the popularity of online terms such as "beautiful", "cute", "cool" and "cool" indicates a new trend of "aesthetic". Applied to the doll machine, this kind of aesthetic gifts, there will be a large number of groups to pay attention to.

Claw crane game machine gift selection


The gift of beauty

Beautiful things, always let everyone yearn for and want to have. Beautiful doll, can always attract the attention of players, want to have.


Cute gifts

Cuteness, different from the traditional meaning of "cute", has a recognized special cute point. Cute gifts always inspire people to love them.

Claw crane game machine placement

How to standardize the store doll machine, gift machine placement, make the store unified, beautiful, neat, is also an option. Put the gift needs to be updated with one month as the cycle, can be replaced every 10 days one-third, step by step. Small grab add the bottom floor of the gift is not bottom, the back row put two, and on the telescopic rod according to the front of the gift neatly placed and placed position; In upper layer must put 2 to 4 doll face face customer, the rope that hang on doll, suction cup, trademark should be put in doll backside, maintain beautiful: doll and doll, doll and aperture must maintain 10 centimeters (value is in 10 yuan below).

The surface style of the gift machine is not necessarily to imitate foreign British style, European and American style, etc., we can make the doll machine into a Chinese style, such as "green leather train, China high-speed rail, China's plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum", etc., to make it into a trend or eventually develop into a regional or national culture.

Operation of the toy crane machine

The early stage of operation must be small profit but quick turnover. Must interact with the customer, tell the customer what material is the doll, for example to introduce the customer to the doll's own story or gift of the machine itself, it is best to blend in Chinese culture, let customers consumption of gifts and gift machine have more understanding, osmosis forming a positive culture atmosphere and not simply dolls or buy gifts.

In terms of the debugging of the machine, the setting of the probability of winning the lottery should not be too difficult. According to the cost of gifts, the gross profit rate is generally 30%~50%, which is reasonable. The most important thing for customers to grasp dolls is to pay attention to experience. If there are more than one doll machine in the same place, it is better to set a lower gross profit rate, so that customers can be caught relatively easily on the basis of ensuring profits. Expensive gifts can be made more difficult.

The data adjustment of the machine varies from store to store, but it should be noted that the operation should try to adjust more and observe more. Do a good job in and out of the gift registration and receipt records, to observe the situation of customers play -- is it out of love for the gift, or the success rate of the machine itself is high, resulting in a machine trial play number increased -- to adjust the balance, generally need to consider the factors include the cost of the gift, the average value, the proposed reward rate. You can't trust random instructions, so trust your own observations and data collection.

Adjustment of doll machine

Don't just consider the revenue of one machine, but the overall revenue. In the stable situation of the machine, you can try to do some promotional activities. For example, many shops have done two for one, three for one, collection of a series of dolls, can be additional gift. When the "currency value" is higher than the expected value, we will do gift promotion (the popularity of the activity), and the "currency value" will do gift marketing steadily (the benefit of the activity).