How can we create a road to operation in the VR paradise market?

- May 20, 2019-

How can we create a road to operation in the VR paradise market?

The most popular in these two years should be the VR paradise. There are big and small, and they have sprung up everywhere. So, is there a market for VR Paradise? Can we continue to develop? From the operational point of view, how to improve the quality of VR park operations and how to achieve profitability?

1. Market prospects

At present, domestic comprehensive commercials are very demanding for new types of entertainment parks, and they all hope to constantly seek new changes, which will enable customers from commercial enterprises to feel the high-tech and new projects. Attractive, becoming the engine of the development of the assistant business.

Under such background and market demand, VR Paradise, as a new type of high-tech entertainment, is actually filling this gap and satisfying such market demand, and the prospect of development is still very impressive.

2. Difficulties in development

Since there is demand in the market, why are you saying that VR Park does not make money? The main operational difficulties are as follows:

1. The familiarity of VR games is too long and the entry is slow. When customers play video games, coin or credit card fees can start to play directly after the game starts. The related skills are also very low requirements. However, VR games often require a process familiar with operations and skills. At present, the operation mode of VR-type equipment is basically charged according to time. Even the customers have not yet been familiar with it. The game time has already arrived. Some park operators have bluntly said that we have become the enlighteners of VR games. There is no commercial benefit at all.

2. VR device experience is more important than games. What is the essence of the game is actually competition, clearance, accumulating scores or winning prizes. Most of the games in the current VR devices are similar to the experience class, the games that pass the game are less, and the customers are restarting each time. , lack of relevant accumulated value. Repeatedly playing the same content, customers will naturally get bored;

3. VR equipment has higher requirements for customer resilience. VR games need to be immersed in a complete virtual reality state, but due to the technical limitations of the hardware and the adaptation of the content, many customers will feel dizzy when they are on the show, causing a serious decline in experience.