How do indoor children's parks work with kindergartens?

- May 08, 2019-

How do indoor children's parks work with kindergartens?

Indoor children's playground, what are the profit channels? For children's parks, kindergartens are one of the most concentrated organizations in the customer base. If you can cooperate with kindergarten, it will be of great help to the sales of children's parks and brand promotion. So how do you open a children's playground to work with kindergartens?


1. Understand kindergarten needs

Cooperation with kindergartens must make kindergarten demand an effective entry point. Therefore, for kindergartens that intend to cooperate, whether they have a positive understanding or access to information through other channels, they must first understand the main problems and needs of the kindergarten at present. Start cooperation negotiations.

2. Launching a joint venture

To carry out joint activities with the kindergarten, the children's park can invite the children to a free experience in your park, or quote the kindergarten at the lowest charge. The kindergarten will charge separately according to the specific circumstances. If there is a school bus in the kindergarten, you can arrange the transportation by yourself. The children's park can also arrange a special shuttle bus.

3. Interactive promotion

Interacting with the kindergarten to discuss the interactive promotion, that is, placing the kindergarten's admission advertisement in a conspicuous position in the children's paradise, because the children's paradise source includes the newborn, so the kindergarten is invisibly recognized and forms a potential source of students; at the same time, it is conspicuous in the kindergarten. The location should also place advertisements for children's parks, promote each other and develop each other.

4. Propaganda around the kindergarten community

In addition to doing work inside the kindergarten, it is also necessary to carry out propaganda for the surrounding areas of the kindergarten. Because these communities are concentrated households in the kindergarten school district, it is necessary to publicize in place and enter the community to let more residents around the kindergarten understand the children's playground.

5, send a single, set up at the entrance of the kindergarten

Communicate with the kindergarten, you can distribute the leaflet at the entrance of the kindergarten or carry out the booth promotion. This is a very effective way to get customers. However, it is necessary to carry out the promotion at a timely time.

6. Funding kindergarten activities

There are many holiday activities and parent-child activities in kindergartens. Children's parks can sponsor or organize kindergarten activities from time to time. This saves the time, energy and cost of kindergarten activities, and plays a role in promoting the children's paradise. It is a great joy.