How does 9D VR virtual reality experience hall make money

- Apr 26, 2018-

How does 9D VR virtual reality experience hall make money


Screen display equipment: high gain, large visual Angle, professional 3d cinema metal projection screen, long service life, anti-environmental optical interference. Seat equipment: 9D cinema special dynamic seat, 6 degrees of freedom control, 12 directions, 36 combinations, 72 movements. Central control equipment: control the playback of stereo film, motion control of motion seat, correction of motion curve, control of feeling special effects. Stereoscopic projection equipment: industrial stereoscopic film projection equipment, with high picture clarity, high brightness, good color reduction, with good viewing. Special effect equipment: dynamic seat and other power systems have settlement, swing, vibration, touch leg, air jet, water jet, ear wind, ear sound and other special effect functions. The special effects of the surrounding environment can be used to simulate bubbles, smoke, snow, rain and lightning, etc. Cinema audio equipment: a multichannel surround sound system with high quality sound effects. Can simulate aircraft flight, thunder, etc. Multichannel surround sound system can make the movement characteristics of bodies around, can accurate positioning objects of sports, make stereoscopic film voice stereo rise, form a real three-dimensional space. Create a three-dimensional audio-visual space. Other auxiliary equipment: control software, stereoscopic glasses, connecting pipeline, hanger, etc.

The method used in the 9D VR virtual reality experience hall is all-sensory simulation integration. The experience of its equipment from the traditional VR headsets and dynamic effects platform, high-definition interactive films, in addition to simulate the visual, auditory sense, also by using dynamic simulation technology, through the platform motion effects and visual accurate synchronization, restore the sense of touch, displacement and centrifugal feeling movement feeling. More it is worth mentioning that form a complete set of 9 DVR virtual reality experience pavilion used special 9 d game film, to set up a lot of interactive link, the user can use the handle to human-computer interaction, which makes them more like "life" in the virtual world, rather than on the sidelines, tour.

Hardware is complete, the software also want to keep up with, is another key factor, business model, customer psychology are curious, fresh, cheap to where you, convenient to where you need to be able to make your business model to attract your customers, keep your customers, let your customers willing to experience. Again, your service. Whether your service environment satisfies the needs of customers, whether it makes customers feel happy, comfortable and beautiful, you can decorate the store with fun and fashionable decoration. Finally, cooperation. Considering that other people also open stores, we can work together to expand the local player market, attract game players, give them a good experience and share it in real time. Someone asked: third - and fourth-tier cities, can only rely on the store return? The project does have disadvantages, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It depends on how you manage it and whether you manage it properly. Take the market one step ahead. Don't make money, should I stick with it? The key is whether you have a new idea for making money, and if you have a good idea, then making money will be the motivation to keep going and it won't be easy to do anything. In the development of VR virtual reality technology, application has permeated our life. The VR equipment is a big game, for game enthusiasts, a new game, like injected new blood, ignite passion again with blood, the stand or fall of VR gaming devices, also has become the players game quality and content issues of concern.