How does toy crane machine catch consumer's heart?

- Sep 06, 2019-

How does toy crane machine catch consumer's heart

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Doll catching machine has existed for more than 20 years. There are various kinds of doll catching machines on the market, not only the essential items of game hall and video game city, but also all over shopping center, cinema, supermarket and pedestrian street. Such a "simple and lovely" game equipment, not only not by the new tired players out, but also by all age groups of enthusiasts welcome, this wonderful attraction behind, what is the psychological secret?

01. Dopamine addiction on a small scale

Don't underestimate the doll trap. When people drop a few COINS into the trap, they expect to catch the doll they want. The joy of anticipation and excitement is the stimulation provided by the reward circuit in the brain -- the addiction process.

If the doll is successfully caught, the reward circuit gives dopamine a further sweet sensation, while if it is not (in most cases), dopamine levels drop to a lower than normal level, leading to a feeling of "disappointment." During this time, people tend to scratch and scratch in order to re-engage with the experience, and dopamine production is "intermittently increased" during this repetitive process, which is so fascinating that it's hard to give up the temptation to "try again" even though the chances of catching the doll are much smaller than the chances of missing it.

The more attempts, the greater the sunk cost, and the more people are stuck with it, the more they want to take out a coin and play with it.

02. Fragmented entertainment is more suitable for daily needs

The process of "mini-addiction" is also a resource-intensive one, which helps people release stress and regulate their emotions, so even adults don't resist the occasional "catch up." Another important reason for the machine's popularity over other forms of psychological adjustment that require sustained commitment is its "fragmented entertainment" nature.

There are several factors in this trait. One is the "low threshold of economy and time cost". The second is of high contact ratio "" relaxing environment, grasp the doll machine placed in itself is the leisure, consumption place, people on the premise of have the corresponding psychological preparation, in contact with the enough quantity, image and kind of doll machine, combined with the current mobile payment developed, even saved in trouble of the coin," go to scratch "became very natural; The third is "convenience and fun". Although some people specialize in the skills of holding dolls, they can play without skills. The simple operation and the atmosphere full of childlike interest further enhance people's participation.

03. Lower other people's defenses and get closer

It's also interesting to note that young couples tend to be more likely than children to grab and present dolls to each other, while even mature, serious adults tend not to be shy about grabbing and are even happy to display their trophies on social media.

It's a defense-driven interaction. There is no denying that the act of "holding the doll" itself, the process of focusing on holding the doll, and the images of various dolls are all "cute", and such "cute" is exactly the invisible weapon to shorten the psychological distance in interpersonal relationship. When couples grab the doll together, it conveys the feelings of closeness and pure attachment, while when they share the doll on social media, it is a silent gesture of "how lovely I am and how harmless I am". These transmission and expression, whether intentionally or unintentionally, are lowering the defense of others, and at the same time, it is also strengthening the defense of oneself, which is very worth experiencing.