How hot is VR virtual reality?

- Dec 14, 2017-

How hot is VR virtual reality?

One of the key words of the last two years is VR, which is virtual reality,

To what extent is fire?

Even the virtual reality stocks in the a-shares are starting to soar,

And there is a growing trend.

Big to big name Internet manufacturer small arrive also have the beginning of a year of insufficient startup company

They are all pouring into this so-called future trillion-dollar market.

So, what is VR?

VR technology is creating a three-dimensional space on a computer.

And use this space to provide the user

About visual, auditory, tactile, and other senses,

Make users feel like they are in the world.

In simple terms, VR technology can make users feel

Into the virtual world created by it,

And let the user think that everything is real.


Why is VR so hot?

It comes mainly from Facebook's $2 billion in 2014

Oculus, the virtual reality headset,

The latter is committed to promoting virtual reality technology from industry to consumer market.

Not long ago, samsung launched a joint Facebook

The new Gear VR headset.

SONY's PlayStation VR, amazon, GuGe, apple, etc

Industry giants are moving into VR.

Entertainment industry China policy, ao fei, huayi and other film and television listed companies also

A wave of "VR m&a" has started.

In the 2016 VR/AR investment report, research firm digi-capital noted that the amount of investment in VR/AR over the past two months has been $1.1 billion, significantly more than the total investment in the whole of 2015.

Application of VR technology

In fact, the application of VR technology is quite extensive.

Its potential is even higher than computer and smartphone technology.

In addition to the two most influential industries, gaming and television,

It is in the exhibition industry, news report, medical beauty, travel

And sports training and so on.

It is only limited by the current level of technology that there is no greater value,

And as technology advances, their future markets

It won't be smaller than the game and movie industry.

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