How much area of naughty castle children's park best?

- Sep 16, 2019-

How much area of naughty castle children's park best?

Is area of children amusement park bigger better?

Not really.

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We all know that a large children's amusement park can accommodate more types of children's amusement equipment, and such a naughty castle can be played by children of different ages and different personalities. So the scale of the naughty fort must have a big advantage.

However, the operation characteristics of naughty castle require it to be generally set up in places with dense population, while the naughty castle with large site is not only difficult to find in places with high population, but also expensive rent and relatively high input cost.

So the big naughty castle has its advantages, but only if it has enough money to back it up.

How big is the naughty fort? These factors need to be considered:

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1. Where is the location of the venue?

Simply say is your naughty castle children's paradise is to be opened in one, two cities or three, four cities? Is it in a small town, in the center or in the periphery? Supermarket or community or is the store alone? You have to be clear about that.

For example, in first - and second-tier cities and central urban areas, a 300-600-square-meter naughty fort can be opened. In third and fourth tier cities and towns, 100-300 square meters of naughty castle children's park can be opened. Of course, this is not an absolute oh, see below.

2. Surrounding environment

The site area of the indoor children's park also has a great relationship with the surrounding environment, because before we open the naughty fort, first of all, we need to check whether the flow of people in this place is concentrated, how many children nearby? The quality of the site determines the flow of people in the later stage, which directly affects the business of the store.

Careful people will also find that in crowded places (shopping malls, supermarkets, residential areas, etc.), it is very difficult to find naughty castle with large space and good geographical location, and the cost of rent will also be larger. It is necessary to consider whether we have sufficient funds.

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3. Financial strength

Indoor children's park generally open much area is the best, if you have enough money, large area of children's park is of course the best, if your budget is limited, 100 square is also possible, because there are a lot of such naughty castle, although the area is not large, but the business is doing the same sound and color.