How much do you know about the market advantage of 5D cinema?

- Jul 23, 2017-

First, it is a modern science and technology product. It belongs to new things and has wide audience

Dynamic 5D cinema requires three major components, stereoscopic projection system, computer control system, special effects seat and special effects equipment. These three synergies, high technical content, belong to modern new technology products. The characteristics of children's consumer groups, teenagers, shopping tourists, flow of consumer groups, especially the high spending power of young people feel fresh and curious, in the blank at the consumer market competition can effectively gather propaganda effect, and great consumption is 5D wide audience movie.

Two, it is a huge supplement to the film market, low risk and great potential

The 5D show was only used in the experience or display of some aerospace or high-tech products, and the cost is high. Only a few people have the opportunity to experience the effect. Low cost 5D cinema equipment now to create the shadow power, not only increase the 4D motion platform and special seats based on 3D stereo digital cinema, joined the 5D - specific environmental effect lifelike, and the price is greatly reduced, so that ordinary people can spend 20, 30 yuan will be able to experience the 5D the film shock effect. At present, only some of the first tier cities in China have 5D cinema, and only a few of the two or three line cities have. As for the county seat, not to mention 5D interactive theater, most counties do not even have 3D digital cinema, and the 5D cinema is a mini cinema, small investment while reducing the risk of entrepreneurship, but also attractive. Therefore, we can see that the domestic market has great potential.