How should I run a children's playground?

- Feb 21, 2019-

How should I run a children's playground?


Many operators who have just started to manage children's playgrounds often encounter problems of one kind or another, which cannot be solved and thus affect the income of children's parks. In fact, only by finding problems in management and prescribing the right medicine can we solve the crisis. The following small series of simple experience with a number of children's park franchise stores for your simple analysis: the four major mistakes that children's paradise should avoid in the operation, teach you to go out of the wrong zone, to success!

1. “Big” is a competitive weapon, blindly expanding the area, and lacking a strong layout plan.

The reason why the current children's paradise is getting bigger and bigger is that the operators of the children's paradise seem to have no other way to make themselves stand out from the competition of other children's parks. However, after the expansion of the area, due to the lack of reasonable layout planning, excessive waste corners are generated, resulting in a reduction in the efficiency. So almost a gambling game, after choosing a large business area, if the "big" image is more powerful than the performance loss caused by the reduction of the passenger flow, it is earned, or it is lost.

Therefore, it is an option to expand the business area, but with the help of professional design companies, we must carry out reasonable layout of layout, give full play to the space and facade, and improve the efficiency. This kind of expansion is the expansion of power, or it is bloated.

2, the content of the play is just "stupid play", lack of competition differentiation

At present, the children's paradise in China is basically a “stupid play” children's paradise. The cultural and social aspects are very few, and the leading global companies such as “Disneyland” and “Casania” are leading. It is all because of the introduction of culture and sociality into the amusement. However, the combination of culture, society and amusement is a very broad topic, but we are delighted to see that the Chinese children's play company has made bold and beneficial attempts in this regard.

It can be seen that connecting with a well-known cultural image of a child is a very effective way for children's paradise to separate from competitors and quickly increase their popularity. More importantly, the social nature carried out by deepening the cultural image and Personality, and let children in the process of play, novelty, happiness, subtle feelings, this difference will become a children's paradise in the competition really separated from the competition, so that competitors can not catch up, while bringing children customers The ultimate model of the perfect shopping experience. It is hoped that the local children's amusement enterprises that are connected with the cultural image will make more in-depth explorations in this respect, which will surely become the fundamental road for the long-term development of children's amusement enterprises.

3, membership policy is only "buy more discounts", lack of customer viscosity

Member operations are very good solutions to improve customer viscosity, but because of the limited understanding and mastery of member technology, there is currently no successful membership system operation in children's parks.

A good membership system, first of all, is a good member information database. This member information library can classify customers well by designing the member information content. Through differentiated marketing and operation of different categories of customers, the company provides nearly tailor-made services to the target customer base, greatly enhancing the customer's consumption experience, thereby greatly enhancing the customer's reputation, thereby generating loyalty.

But even if the above is done, it is the initial stage of the member's operation. Of course, this is the initial stage, and the company that has achieved it has already been paralyzed. The mid-level level of member operations is to be able to adjust the existing operating models and programs through tracking the consumption of members, and to improve the customer's dependence on the amusement system, thus achieving the continuation of life-long consumption (before the age of 12).

The advanced level of member operation is reflected in the analysis of member big data, which can clearly judge the trend of customer demand development, anticipate in advance, and act in advance to become a leading company that leads customers and leads the industry.

4, concealed engineering wiring, regardless of equipment update requirements, new equipment is difficult to update

When the construction of the children's park is completed, few operators will pay attention to leaving an accurate concealed construction drawing, and of course, there is no wiring reservation in the design. As a result, if the device is updated, only the device similar to the original device can be updated, which inevitably reduces the marketing effect and the customer experience effect brought by the amusement park device update. Therefore, in the design of the children's park, the operator should invest a part of the cost to make wiring renovation reservations from the convenience of future equipment renewal. This part of the investment is very worthwhile. There is no need to shut down the equipment in the future, and any specifications and power requirements can be made. The transformation, which will save a lot of cost and new equipment marketing become the highlight of stage marketing, has become a good reason for gathering customers.