How should the doll machine in the cinema operate?

- Jan 16, 2019-

How should the doll machine in the cinema operate?


The cinema is a gathering place for young men and women in the city. After a busy job, taking a male/girlfriend or a friend, and going to see a new movie, is an excellent way to relax. In the free time of the movie opening, don't patronize to play with your mobile phone, pull the person around you, move to the side of the doll machine, or put in a few coins that have just bought snacks, or take out the phone. The two-dimensional code on the doll machine can be swept in front of the male/female. If you are lucky, you can catch one or two dolls as a commemoration. Therefore, the cinema has become one of the must-have options for the location of many doll airport operators.

So, how should the doll machine of the cinema be operated?

1. Negotiate with the cinema to reclaim the management rights of the doll machine gift machine that is scattered and contracted out.

Whether it is a singing machine, a game console, a VR or a massage chair, the operation of the doll machine and the gift machine is relatively easy to use and the easiest to return to. It is not necessary to find a place everywhere, put it in the cinema, and do not bother to go. Attracting people can make money. You know that this is a relatively easy project to make money, and if you can convince the cinema to take back the scattered management rights, and then transfer this management right to you, then your competitive pressure is much smaller.

2. Choose your own doll machine and gift machine to operate

The choice of doll machine is still very important. First, we must find a reliable supplier. Although the market for doll machines is relatively mature, the basic functions and quality of the first-line manufacturers and second- and third-line machines are basically different. Big. But here I want to mention a number, the machine below 3,000 yuan should not be considered.

Basically, the machine that can be used is about 3,000 yuan. It has the basic function of catching dolls. The appearance is similar to that of the big factory. However, the materials used are slightly rough and generally not recommended.

Most of the machines of the second-line manufacturers are between 4,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan. They have their own special features, and the appearance has certain characteristics, but the workmanship is not fine enough.

The machines of the first-line manufacturers are all over 5,000 yuan, featuring features and beautiful appearance.

After the sale is basically a remote phone guidance + replacement spares mode, but here to note, the purchase of equipment must have a complete after-sales service equipment. In fact, buying a machine is also very simple. You can find your friend directly to use the recommended ones. The quality is good and the service is good. As for which price to choose, it depends on your budget and studio positioning.

3. Selection of doll machine types

Now the doll machine market is very mature, and the ordinary claw doll machine is the main model of all doll machine market, then, how should we choose?

First of all, be sure to look at the value. The priority of the high value is this, which is the first sequence of machine selection. For example, this world is a world of looking at the value of the face, your machine looks good, others will look a few more in the past, it is so simple and rude.

Second, it is to look at the function of the machine. There are a lot of machines that have some special features, such as playing the prize plate for free, such as crazy mode, or purchase mode. Regarding the mode of scan code free play, everyone needs to pay attention to the choice and use. If the customer scans the code to pay attention to some vulgar public numbers, and then push some spam information to the customers every day, it will not only make the customers feel disgusted with the doll airport. It will also bring down the image of the cinema, so that the cinema will not have a good impression of the operators of the doll airport, so consider whether to cooperate with it again? Therefore, as a doll machine operator in the cinema, we should not lose this kind of thing for this kind of thing.

Finally, it is the unification of the model. The model update is very fast, so every year there are good looking machines. If you buy the machines in batches, try to choose a uniform style model. Otherwise, you will find that the players only play the new machine. The old machine did not smell it. After all, "his new and tired" is the hallmark of most people.

4. The choice of gift machine

The choice of gift machine should choose two kinds as much as possible. One is the machine with full luck, such as the bag machine. The second is to play the fun of the following perfect brain type of machine, entertaining, or more innovative.

5.The matching of doll machine

There are no more than ten machines for ordinary claws, and the types are uniform.

There are no more than 3 large claw doll machines or ordinary scissors machines (the kind of scissors that can cut several). The independent doll scissors machine is a new product in 2018. The display effect is quite outstanding. It is recommended to arrange 1-2 sets.

The machine settings are for everyone's explanation. Now let me tell you how to operate your doll machine and gift machine to make more money.

01. In the operation of the doll machine, the flow of people is the most important

So how do you channel the flow of people from the theater to our doll machine? It is the way we need to study the most.

Passive type: Arrange the position of the doll machine, which allows the person watching the movie to flow naturally through the front of the doll machine.

Active: cooperate with the cinema, but when a movie theater member purchases a ticket, he can send a game currency, and the customer will go to play, but how can a coin be enough? (Except for the small county, it is usually played once for 2 coins, give him a coin, he still needs to buy another one to play.)

2. In the operation of the doll machine,

High quality doll figurine gift second important

Passive: Cinemas are often accompanied by shopping malls, video games, etc. If you have poor quality dolls, how can you attract customers and stimulate the interest of customers to keep playing? So be sure to pay attention to the quality of the doll.

Active: The choice of the doll is not only beautiful, but also try to choose a set of multiple dolls, such as different colors, different expressions. In fact, everyone is collecting control, they want to collect a full set, here, we have already tapped the three characteristics of human nature, look at the world of value, like new and old, collect control, etc. These three characteristics are actually business dolls. The core concept, a good quality doll is actually looking at the value.

3. Change your doll often, so that customers will always have a sense of freshness

Each doll is purchased (200-400) or so, unless special items are particularly hot, adjusted as needed. Let customers see new dolls every time they come to your store, and they can't stop it.

04. Develop a doll machine display method suitable for your venue

What is more popular now is a more uniform way of placing a cabinet. However, in addition to this, there are many other ways of placement, such as the following. I have to be sighed that the merchandise display is really a science.

The above four points are just a simple entry operation method, and the next step is the higher-end technique.

1, learn from the core of Internet operations: pull new + promote + retain + conversion

Let's talk about the Internet operation example + entity deep operation skills. Everyone knows that the core of the Internet operation is: "La New + Promotion + Retention + Conversion". These four points can be used not only in Internet operations, but also in doll machines. There are many places in the operational operations of the operation. Such as:

Laxin - build your own fan base;

Promote - regularly push activity information within the group, new dolls on the shelves;

Conversion - daily activities of sending game currency in the group, potential customers in the group will consume after receiving the game currency;

Retained - the fans who stayed in this group are the customers you have accumulated.

2, there are conditions to hire venue staff

If the machine swallows up your game currency, someone will give you a coin next to it, avoiding the anxiety you have caused by swallowing money. Would you feel comfortable?

If the machine of the doll machine fails, someone will solve it for you and give you some compensation. Would you feel very happy?

If you don't play this game, the service staff will come over with a smile, tell you how to play, and constantly cheer for you and encourage you. Would you like to play a few coins to play more?

There are also venue promotion activities, game introductions and so on. Of course, this means that you have to pay a few more people's wages, but also manage them, let them play their due role, and do their due responsibilities. . Xiaobian interviewed the experience of most doll airport operators to tell you that the venue must be managed by someone, because it is really much better than the effect of the unmanned self-service slot machine.

3. Create various activities

If conditions permit, you can also join the doll competition in the same period of events held in the cinema. This will not only attract people to the cinema, but also achieve self-promotion. The catching competition can be a fixed game and a time competition.

In addition, you can post a game leaderboard in the doll machine area. The leaderboard is a good thing from ancient times to the present. It not only allows customers to be recognized, but also increases the customer's stickiness to the doll airport. As for the various rankings, everyone Try to use your imagination.

4, custom game currency

In the doll airport, why don't you use a dollar coin as a game coin? There are three main disadvantages:

(1) A dollar coin is everywhere, can not be used for activities, how much to send and how much;

(2) After the customer finishes playing the game, the remaining coins are not related to your venue. They will not think about it again, and will come back to consume the remaining game coins.

(3) Even if it is a coin, you need someone to be responsible for the currency.

As part of the cinema, the game currency of the doll machine in the cinema must be customized, preferably printed with its own logo and phone, which can achieve good publicity.

The cinema is a "sacred place" for young men and women to gather, and it is also a multi-point position for many doll airport operators to rush to seize. The best site selection requires a certain amount of business skills to support its role.