How to avoid damage to the amusement equipment

- Nov 13, 2018-

How to avoid damage to the amusement equipment

There are a lot of amusement equipment in the playground. In so many amusement equipments, the rabbits will be destroyed. How can the amusement equipment be protected from damage?

First of all, we have to reach a consensus with parents. Before children enter the children's playground, parents should tell the children which behaviors are correct and which behaviors are incorrect. The behavior of destroying the amusement equipment is wrong and should not happen. It has been found that other children’s destruction of children’s play equipment should also be stopped;

Secondly, in the children's play equipment that is easily damaged, such as fabric toys, cushion-type equipment, inflatable equipment, etc., it is necessary to be vigilant. When the children enter the scene, pay attention to check whether they have a good device and play with the children. In the process of discovering the phenomenon of destroying children's play equipment, it is necessary to gently inform them that this is not the right behavior, and then encourage them to help our staff supervise other children. Children are very active when they are given supervisory powers.

Finally, Easyfun suggested that in the protection of children's play equipment from being damaged, facing children needs patience and can't use the method of swearing, which would be counterproductive.