How to buy equipment for vr experience museum-ONE

- Nov 23, 2017-

How to buy equipment for vr experience museum(ONE)


Buy method 1: popularity! The sentiment! The sentiment!

From restaurants to clothing stores, no matter what industry, they need their own signature, and vr experience store is no exception, which is the main way to attract popularity. When I went to the vr experience museum, I found that they had just installed an 8-person vr racing device. Then I inquired about some conditions of the equipment, which has been relatively popular, and has been to many exhibitions, which will attract a lot of popularity every time we go back to the exhibition. So, I suggest that whether open small experience pavilion, or vr theme park, a key consideration when equipment of choose and buy is "sentiment", select the public love to play, high popularity, turns head high equipment can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Before choosing, it is advisable to visit other stores or large exhibition to select the equipment of the long queue.

Method two: the game content is wonderful! Change quickly!

The most important thing about vr experience is the experience, so the content of the game in the device is very important. At present, the vr devices in the market are generally equipped with corresponding game contents, and the game fun degree and update iteration speed have become the main indicators to investigate the content of the equipment. Said on the level of fun of the game, although in content, vr games haven't PC game content variety is rich, but the degree of special effects, and rendering vr games is much better than regular games, and more immersive vr games, this to a certain extent determine the future direction of the game. Currently, the most popular vr games are competitive sports, including racing, shooting, and the latest popular racetrack... Competitive content can allow players to interact in the virtual world, then cooperate with the corresponding body sense and immersive effect, and naturally win the love of most players.