How to buy equipment for vr experience museum​

- Dec 22, 2017-

How to buy equipment for vr experience museum

(1) the vr horse: for a long time, feel that the device is very good, temporarily don't say it's just I said had the experience of signs, but those of other devices on the gaming experience, it is currently on the market only a no vertigo game, players play after not dizzy, and mainly is the game fun, can be a lot of people interact with, shall guide players to wear a helmet into the game, players will in the world of virtual reality is also true, driving their own exclusive BMW, sometimes jumping, sometimes reined in, feel the speed and passion of the horse. In addition, there will be monsters attacking you in the scene, and players will always be aware of what's going on around them. Whether it's the ups and downs of the mountains, the beach, or the feeling of water splashing through the pool, it can be a immersive experience.


(2) 6 seats 9d vr shooting tank: it is a VR shooting game with six people connected with each other. Game content for six people in the same department marching slowly on the chariot of manipulation of the different battery, at the various vivid monster appeared before shooting, continuously recruit forward until beat the final BOSS dragon. Set in the night game, players will be in the mysterious cave tunnel, fantasy forest trails, cliff thriller suspension bridge, the waterfalls elegant scene such as water, for immediate locates, poisonous mushrooms of the curse of the blame, the surge of colony, goblins tribes and the final fight fire dragon.


(3) vr skiing: in the game, players need to navigate through the head to navigate through obstacles such as trees, trying to avoid the deceleration after the collision. In the course of the circuit, the acceleration of the star shape is arranged, which can be accelerated by obtaining props, but the increase of speed also increases the situation of the false touch. How to balance the tradeoffs and the excellent evasive actions are the factors that players need to constantly consider when competing. The repeatable challenge of these uncertainties also prompts players to repeat the challenge while Shouting an addiction.


(4) vr flight simulator:

As soon as the player sits in the flight simulator and wears a helmet, the player can fly the spacecraft, navigate through the gorgeous outer space, cross the meteorite belt, look at the beautiful nebula, and fight the enemy jet. Space flight simulator using two shaft rotate 360 degrees frame, horizontal vertical 360 ° 360 ° + in combination with the new 720 ° flight trajectory, the motion simulation will follow the game in the scene, flip, subduction of rise and fall and fall and makes the corresponding rotational, for players to stronger stimulation.