How to improve the quality of service in the playground

- Dec 07, 2018-

How to improve the quality of service in the playground

In the fierce competition in the playground market, projects and services are the two key factors in the source of paradise benefits. The theme of the playground project is to highlight the outstanding points of the park, but if you want to create greater differences, more added value and more stable development benefits, you must cooperate with the quality paradise service! So, the question is, how should we improve the quality of the playground service so that the customer is satisfied? Let's take a few tricks for everyone!

Usually, the first impressions of parents taking their children to the playground are mostly from the grooming, manners and speech of the employees. The image of the park left to the parents is mostly formed by the image of the employees, and the image of the good park will attract The customer's visit again. Therefore, the staff of the park should try their best to make the instrument clean, temperamental, talkative and pretty.

Each division means that the store manager should do a good job assignment and management, the front desk reception work is warm and courteous, the cashier's rigor and clarity, the guide's intimacy and due diligence, and so on. For example, the park guides understand the duties of the guide, that is, from the perspective of the operator, it is to do terminal sales, maintain the safety and atmosphere of the park, and from the perspective of the parents, it is a good guide for children. - Only when the customer is satisfied, the sales performance can be gratifying.

Understand that customers are friends, because customers are the source of the sales performance of the playground. The playground staff should treat their parents to know how to compare their hearts. The children are the heart of the parents and the unique treasure of each family. Therefore, the most effective way to establish good relations with parents is to care for all the children who come to play in the park. In addition, you can exchange parenting knowledge with your parents.

Playground clerk should know how to grasp the nature of children's love of play, guide them properly, give full play to the advantages of the project, let the children play with interest, create memories for them, and then patronize again! In addition, if you encounter an emergency during the business process, the customer complaints should be quick, quick, and verbally expressive, if the customer is dissatisfied or angry, he should apologize to the customer in time, and the incident that cannot be handled should be promptly reflected to the superior leader. . The clerk needs to be flexible in handling things, calmly think, carefully observe the psychology of parents and children, and safeguard the interests of customers, so as to ensure the reputation of the park and avoid infrequent loss to create better performance.

Do a good job in the management of playground items, keep the store clean, hygienic and beautiful, and remind customers to keep their own items. Take care of the customer's items. If you put the customer's items into the storage box, put the items in the order that does not stain the customer's items. The order is the shoes below, the clothes are on the top, and so on. In the details of the service, the customer feels the heart of the park and gains a good reputation!