How to maintain a naughty castle?

- May 29, 2019-

How to maintain a naughty castle?


There are many ways to maintain naughty castles.

We say this PVC and soft package: mainly including the frame of the tube, mat

If the PVC is wrapped, if there is a large area of damage, it is recommended to buy a new repackage. This does not cost much. If it is dirty or small, it may be dried by a wet towel dampened with detergent such as detergent. If there is a small area of damage, you can use ordinary tape or the like to ensure that no hard objects can be leaked.

Because the products maintained by the new naughty castle are used to prevent children from being hurt, they are more in contact with children and are prone to damage and wear of such accessories. Here, it is mainly to ensure that children are scratched and torn in daily operations.

In the usual maintenance of the new naughty castle, you can use a dusting roller to roll over it, and then wipe it with a wet towel. The vacuum cleaner can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner after using the dusting roller.

As time progresses, stains on individual parts of the new naughty castle may appear. As for the floor mat, it can be painted with detergent or soapy water, then brushed with a softer shoe brush according to the texture of the floor mat, and then with a towel. Dry it.