How to make a pricing charge for children's theme parks

- Jan 15, 2019-

How to make a pricing charge for children's theme parks


The impact of the operating venue on ticket prices

People's general mentality is: buy a bottle of green tea for 4 yuan at the small shop at the door, they feel very expensive; but if the shop in the airport to buy bottles of mineral water for 25 yuan, they can also accept. This is not difficult to see the significant impact of the operating site on the price. Therefore, if your children's park is located in a shopping mall and supermarket with superior geographical position, the ticket price of the children's park can be relatively high; otherwise, if your children's park is in a geographically poor square, community, etc. Then, the ticket price should also be set at a low point. The price that is generally accepted and recognized is the most appropriate price.

The impact of the second amusement equipment on tickets

Generally speaking, the more amusement equipment, the stronger the playability and fun of the children's playground, and the ticket price is relatively high.

In addition, the proportion of electric amusement equipment and traditional amusement equipment in children's parks is also an important factor affecting ticket prices. The operating cost and later maintenance cost of electric amusement equipment are much higher than those of traditional amusement equipment. The cost is higher and the ticket price is higher. Operators need to be aware that parents will not care about your later operating costs. What they care about is how much they need to spend to enter the children's playground. Excessive tickets will scare them away. Therefore, operators must pay attention to controlling the number of electric amusement equipment.

However, electric play equipment is just the favorite of children. It is recommended that operators can place some coin-operated machines on the periphery of the children's playground. Children can also choose their favorite electric amusement equipment, play the money once, and the children are happy, and the parents feel that it is cost-effective.

The impact of the San Francisco membership card on the ticket price

FIT and member price difference: such as single ticket, 10 card, 20 card, month card, season card, half year card, year card, the advantage of selling card is to let customers have more choices, get more Affordable. Membership system can not only establish customer loyalty, but also an important means for children's park to withdraw funds in the short term. This business model proved to be successful under repeated testing by many operators. Operators should highlight the gap between member and non-member prices to encourage parents to apply for membership cards.

The impact of four competitors on ticket prices

Closing the door to do business is a taboo in the industry. There is an old saying in China that "knowing ourselves and knowing each other, winning every battle." Before the opening of the business, the children's park operators should inspect other children's parks around them and price them with reference to their ticket prices.

However, there are still many pricing strategies for children's parks. It is necessary to make judgments based on the actual situation of the park. The pricing strategy is not good or bad, and the best is the right one. It is also very important that after the price of the park is set up, try not to change it at will, so as to avoid the consumer's inability to increase complaints. Even if the operating costs increase due to the update or increase of amusement equipment in the park, it is recommended not to change the previous pricing, but to take promotion or other means to recover the cost. If the price of the indoor children's park must be changed, in accordance with the principle of good faith management, the park should notify the customer within 1-3 months before the pricing change.