How to make consumers willing to pay for the doll machine

- Jun 11, 2018-

How to make consumers willing to pay for the doll machine

Understand customers

For consumers, playing the toy claw crane game machine can bring excitement and freshness every time, and many young people regard this game as the first choice to release pressure. For the doll machine, the gift's appearance level is the first productivity to attract consumers. Thus the content of the doll machine product needs to be updated constantly. Currently, the mainstream products are cultural and creative derivatives, such as plush dolls. The Japanese came up with the gem catching machine, cake catching machine, shoe catching machine and so on, which further expanded the user population.

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Grasp the core resources

To provide a unique game experience for consumers, operators need to have resources such as brand, content, capital and contacts. Brand resources need to be created by operators themselves, and accumulated gradually through store location, CIS design, equipment procurement and service process optimization. Content resource refers to the commodity in the doll machine. At present, the mainstream commodity is IP derivative products of cultural and creative type, but most of the doll machines use pirated products. From the perspective of brand building, we should strive to obtain copyright licensing or develop copyright creative products by ourselves.

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Maintain important partners

There are four important partners in the operation of the dolly project: the field provider, the equipment manufacturer, the vtron product provider, the operating franchisee. The venue provider is generally the mall operating center or retail merchants. The former can provide a scale operating site, the latter can only provide a scattered operating site. The manufacturer of the equipment, as the provider of the doll, needs to be able to provide self-service equipment with mobile payment function.

Cultural and creative product providers are generally IP creative product creators or authorized distributors, and operators can form a strategic partnership to jointly develop products suitable for the doll machine channel. The operation franchisee can provide the site resources and capital resources, and can further improve the coverage of the brand operation of the doll machine with its power. In addition, the company that provides mobile payment and intelligent system service for the doll machine is also very important partner.


Pay attention to the holding of key events

From the perspective of brand operation of the doll machine, its key activities include: venue negotiation with the shopping center, marketing cooperation with the merchants, and cooperation with the operating franchisees. Of course, there is also a business cooperation with cultural and creative product providers. Work with as many shopping centers as possible to reach as many customer resources as possible.

Collaborate with merchants to promote new products or promote new stores while acquiring user data. For example, SKII, MON to SUN and other companies are using the doll machine for marketing. Work with operating franchisees to get more working capital and more site resources. Cooperate with cultural and creative product providers to create content products suitable for the needs of end consumers.


Choose more channels

To reach more users you have to choose more channels. The emergence of experiential shopping center calls for more scene and interactive equipment, providing soil for the Renaissance of doll machine. Cinema line is a significant increase in the channel, more than 10,000 new screens are added every year in China, and the cinema line is crowded with people, so users need to kill the fragmented time. In addition, the doll IP in the doll machine can also cooperate with the film publicity.

Subway, mall and other people are intensive, and the place where digestive debris is needed is also suitable for putting dolls. For example, big players have reached a partnership with Haidilao, which will put entertainment equipment outside Haidilao across the country. Besides, it is also an important way to build the brand of doll machine operation in the street with large volume of people.


Maintain customer relationships

Self-service unmanned devices are becoming a new growth point for doll machine products because of the multiple factors such as the popularity of mobile payment and rising labor costs. It is very important to design the machine equipment reasonably, optimize the service flow, and improve the convenience of the use of the doll machine. On the basis of ensuring profitability, consumers should be caught as much as possible to create surprises and improve consumer satisfaction.

At the same time, you can try to do some promotions. For example, if you add two to one, you can change one for three, and if someone collect a set of dolls, and you can also attach gifts and so on. For business customers, maintain deep cooperation and cooperate in marketing promotion, data sharing, product customization and other aspects.

If you want to manage a good doll machine, it is important to distinguish the customer category during the operation and change the business strategy according to the customer's preference. The customer preferences of each category are different. Operators can't operate "one size fits all", understand customers, know customers, change positions, do so, are you still worry about no one playing with doll machines?