How to manage indoor children's playgrounds very well?

- Dec 27, 2018-

How to manage indoor children's playgrounds very well?

With the rise of the children's playground industry, many people have turned their eyes from the outdoor playground to the indoor children's playground. For many parents, outdoor playgrounds are dangerous, and indoor children's playgrounds can mostly protect children's safety. And because indoor parks use safe and healthy equipment, parents are more willing to believe in indoor children's playgrounds.

The first is market analysis. After years of precipitation, the children's play market has experienced explosive growth. The products have evolved from previous building blocks and puzzles into amusement equipment. The educational amusement equipment is more popular in the market and has huge market potential.

Secondly, the safety problem, the traditional products have taken precautions against the safety of children, but they have not achieved the ultimate. In the case of naughty children, there is still the risk of accidents.

The traditional swing car is of poor quality and IP chaos, and there is no familiar brand. The production quality and design level are rough and inferior. Some shared swing car have strong financial support, operational capacity and scale layout. In terms of materials, they no longer use rough and inferior plastics, but the glass fiber reinforced plastics used in handicrafts, which are significantly improved in color and texture. With high-quality IP support, thoroughly bid farewell to the cottage, low-end, and shoddy.

The third is site planning, reasonable planning site, can directly hit the pain points of consumers, and the consumption viscosity is greatly enhanced!

The ultimate purpose of the site selection of the playground is to drain, and places with more natural flow can be used as site selection! The population, the number of residents around the playground, determines the passenger flow of the playground, so there are many surrounding communities in the site selection, large population flow, high proportion of young people, and strong spending power.