How to operate a gift machine in small and medium cities

- Jan 08, 2019-

How to operate a gift machine in small and medium cities

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Mainly from the four aspects of site selection, machine configuration and decoration, gifts, marketing.

01 site selection

Before examining the business of gift machine projects, the first problem we faced was site selection. A saying that many people in this industry have recognized, the right place, the store you opened is 70% successful. In Xinjiekou, Nanjing, put a lipstick machine and a bag machine, don't look down on a few machines, causing a lot of sensation in the local area. The bag machine even attracted the anchor to win the prize, so it is very important to choose the right place.

Currently available venues are: shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, pedestrian streets, food streets, university towns, hotels, KTV, subway stations, airports and more. Among these formats, I have invested in shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, restaurants, pedestrian streets, and KTV. According to my current experience of several points, the best revenues are shopping malls, restaurants, multi-points, cinemas, and pedestrian streets.

One thing to admit is that not every store I open is profitable, and the second and fourth homes are at a loss. The second store opened on the edge of a college canteen. The school had 30,000 students, and the result was less than half a year. The fourth store invested 600,000 yuan. In a certain place, the effect was not satisfactory. It was planned to be withdrawn in two batches before the Spring Festival and after the Spring Festival, leaving a part of the machine. Why is the business of the 2nd and 4th stores not good? I analyzed afterwards, the bad location is the main reason, how to choose a good location? I divide it into an open and unopened format to analyze, taking the mall as an example:

Opened malls:

1. The most stupid way: counting the number of people, counting the number of people passing by, observing their age characteristics, dressing up, professional people can use mechanical manual metal counters. The number of people in the past is also the flow of people. The age characteristics can filter out our target audience. Wearing clothes can show the consumption power and consumption characteristics.

2. Directly check the number of people watching and watching the movie in the cinema through the Cat Eye Professional Edition APP;

3. Analyze how many people come to shop every day by shopping mall ticket before work;

4. The flow of dining in the dining area, we can go to the local supplier of disposable tableware, because each month the catering and the supplier settled once, the business is good, how many people eat, the supplier's tableware data Clear and clear.

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Unopened malls:

1. From the strength of developers, properties, investment, operating companies to understand, if you have a relationship, you can go to the Real Estate Bureau to understand more accurate data, if these points are no problem, this store has a good reputation, it is worth considering. This is also a hard condition for opening a store. It is related to whether the mall can continue to operate well, and our environment is not good. Many times, shopping malls were killed by investment and operating companies. Their poor ability led to the opening of the entire mall, the sharp decline in popularity in the later period, and the emergence of large-scale leasebacks and frequent investment;

2. In the China Merchants Office, inquire about the chain brands of supermarkets, cinemas, McDonald's, KFC, Watsons, Starbucks and food and beverage floors, because the big names will do research and analysis in site selection. Where can they choose, what are we hesitating? Focus on the big names with their own traffic, these big names choose a good place, we can go to the neighborhood to smash its popularity, I do not know if everyone likes this point of view;

3. Let the Merchants take out the CAD plan to select the location and ask him which area has the highest rent and which is the lowest. Through the rent comparison, we can see where the best people in this mall will be, and what the flow line is.

After the location is fixed, the rent is rented. How to negotiate the rent, we have to evaluate it according to the local economic level and consumption level, focusing on the three factors of permanent residents, floating population and rents in the surrounding commercial districts. Of course, the more expensive the rent is The positive reaction reflects the greater the flow of people. Talking about rent is a nerve-wracking thing, and usually there are not a few rounds of negotiations that cannot be settled. At this time, we have to come up with our own public relations skills, the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each showing their powers, the trustee to find a relationship to find a relationship, the management of the management. In short, try every means and use all resources to get it done.

02 machine configuration and decoration

The two points of machine configuration and decoration are complementary. We have to count all the video games, playgrounds, gift houses, etc. in the county town for more than 10 doll machines. The statistical data types include: machine type, machine name, machine price, doll quality, store environment, decoration grade, currency value, etc. After getting the data, we will set our machine configuration, decoration style and price strategy. Take my own gift house as an example. The main machines configured are:

1. Boutique machine (required)

2. Grab the doll machine (required)

3. Big claw machine

4. Scissors machine (required)

5. Single cut (required / data)

6.Mechanical gift machine

7. Luxury swing machine

8. Crystal machine

9. Lollipop machine (required)

10. Currency machine

11. Lucky bag machine, lipstick machine, lattice shop (required)

12. Two grabs (required)

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This configuration is just an example. I am not suggesting that you copy it. You can choose the combination of the machine according to the actual situation in the local area. At the same time, the currency machine should be based on the actual situation, but it is recommended. In all the five or six lines of the county, according to this configuration, it is still necessary to configure according to the local consumption situation and the positioning of the mall (can not be blindly copied).

The machine is positioned and configured. How to choose the machine? This is crucial, and it is also the biggest headache for the owner of the gift machine industry. First of all, the machine's experience, control accuracy, quality, appearance, price, etc. must be compared. If you are a newbie, there are two ways, one is to imitate a machine that you think is good, buy it, Another way is to buy the machine of the big factory. At present, in addition to Wumaxing, there are also Feiluoli and some domestic brands. This is the most convenient and lowest risk choice for everyone in the early stage of the trip, even if it can't be done. The transfer machine can also have a better price.

After the purchase, let's talk about the after-sales. After-sales service is good, no matter what company, no good after-sales service, then this company is not far from the door. After-sales service will determine the reputation of enterprises and products. In this era of overcapacity and homogenization, word of mouth is the second vitality of enterprises.

Now is the era of information flooding, information communication is very frequent and convenient, the company is good, the product is not good, the after-sales is good, all kinds of WeChat groups will know, good products and services will be recommended by many group friends. , not good products and bad after-sales, step on your group of friends will be more, notoriously passed on thousands. When you buy a machine, you can send a red envelope to various exchange groups, and ask for advice. Many enthusiastic group members will give you professional advice. When we have a certain amount of purchase, we can let the manufacturers add their own brand logo, and also increase the storage space. The lights can also be adjusted appropriately to gradually form our unique brand identity.

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The beautiful machine is equipped with beautiful decoration, which complements each other. Currently popular are pink, macaron, European and American styles, such as pink, British style, European and American styles everywhere. Not long ago, I went to Jiangsu and saw a gift house called “Non-catch” in the mall. The decoration style of this shop is very bright. The appearance, configuration, color tone, etc. of the machine are quite good. Thanks to a better experience and decoration style, the 150-flat shop has a turnover of nearly 500,000 yuan in October.

The eye-catching decoration style, the matching color of the machine, with a relaxed, casual, fun soft dress, instantly make a shop into a network red card punch. I heard that it is not currently being prepared for a new online red store in Nanjing. What kind of style will this store be decorated? Looking forward to it... It is worth mentioning that the soft-packed parts are often embellished with wicker chairs, leaves, cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, giant figurines, etc. To be an easy-to-understand metaphor, decoration, machine is a 60-point beauty, and soft clothes are makeup and clothing, after the makeup artist's careful dress, an 80-point beauty will be released, beauty who does not want to see more eyes ? Dressed up our store beautifully, I wanted to come in when the passers-by saw it. When I came in, I wanted to take a photo and send a circle of friends. Are you still angry? Customers catching dolls in such stores, that is the real physical and mental pleasure, and enjoy it.

03 gift purchase

Finished the renovation and the machine, the third point I talked about gifts. A store that is not well managed, a gift is not necessarily bad, and a well-run shop, its gifts will not be bad. A good gift is the soul of your shop. The consumption of gift machines is a typical impulse consumption, because 95% of the players are going to experience your gifts. Just now we said that 80 cents beauty, good gifts can give your store extra points, turned into an absolutely attractive 90-point, or even 100-point first-eye beauty.

In the choice of gifts, I have the advantage that as a gift shop, I can give priority to the gift of Baba's plush doll, which makes my doll a great guarantee in quality. Many people don't pay much attention to the quality of the dolls. Some of the poor quality parallel dolls are scoured from Taobao, so this determines that your store will not last long. I always think that choosing expensive plush is not necessarily right, but cheap dolls must be very poor.

The gifts on the market are similar, and from the design point of view, each has its own merits. How do we decide what kind of gifts to purchase?

1. Follow the wind, shake the sound and other short video fires what we are on;

2. Borrowing potential, there are any international events, popular movies and other auspicious dolls;

3. Kawaii, cute dolls will not be outdated at any time;

4. Catering, cool, handsome, selling cute, idol type will always have people like it;

5. Toys and fashion items We can use the substitutes to catch the exchange, or you can catch a few to go to the display cabinet to redeem the purchase;

6. When choosing a gift, pay attention to the color matching, what kind of color can be combined to attract customers, and whether the matching is appropriate;

7. Quality, from fabrics, fillers, suture heads, printing, etc. Of course, this requires learning some expertise.

04 Marketing Strategy

How to let customers visit the store for the second time? We have good machines, good gifts, warm service, network red environment, etc. Now let's discuss the marketing strategy.

1. Create a player base

Some venue owners say that there are advantages and disadvantages. However, from the point of view of several of my business sites, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. If our customers catch the doll, the staff will share the dolls he has captured to the player group. New dolls can also be sent to the group to tell. everyone. If the customer has any opinions on us, we can also improve ourselves in the first time.

2. Use online and offline events to take advantage of holidays;

3. Joint venture with other stores, such as spending xx yuan in the restaurant to receive 10 game coins from my store. In my recharge of xx game currency, you can go to his store to enjoy a few discounts. Joint venture shops recommend going to tea, catering, cinema, hotels, supermarkets and other business partners with large traffic;

4. Grab the doll competition, receive the game currency for free, etc.;

5. When the business is light, take a doll machine out for free to queue up, which can drive the atmosphere of the audience and maintain the flow of people;

6. Live broadcast and red, bringing new business models to the gift machine industry.