How to operate innovation in amusement game machine?

- Dec 13, 2017-

How to "operate innovation" in amusement game machine?


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The success or failure of the enterprise lies in its ability to innovate, especially in the current and old system transformation stage, during the special difficult period of the enterprise, more needs to have this spirit.

The advent of the Internet has made the wheel of history even more rapid. This rapidly changing world is changing, and policies, markets, and times are all changing, and as an operator, it is impossible to resist the power of innovation.

Game industry just to flourish in the 1990 s, due to some quick buck, an operator for profiteering, gambling, violence and other negative news around, after make upsurge, the video also criticized by the society became one of the few areas, and even school near the haunt of minors are not allowed to build video, video games, etc., and countries also have to arcade game machine industry made a series of severe constraints, enacted various laws and regulations, the situation becomes increasingly serious.

For many years, the national policy refinement, deepen constantly, along with the development of the environment for the development direction of the industry as a whole is settled, in industry, the specific nature of the industry has a very detailed definition. Operators and for the transformation of innovation provides a series of positive policies and measures to encourage, if we make good use of these incentives, to advance, the direction of the entertainment industry toward the sun, our future will be great.

The country's transformation and innovation incentive has given the industry a more clear direction of development, telling the industry that it is time to welcome the "business innovation" of the new era.

But first, we need to find out what innovation is in the new era of demand for the industry innovation.

From the perspective of policy and the whole industry, innovation is embodied in three aspects: the innovation of amusement environment space; Innovation of appearance and function of amusement equipment; The innovation of business methods such as entertainment city and animation city.

The innovation of the amusement environment space has been on the rise since 2012. In the continuous competition and upgrading in the terminal market, IP combines the innovation mode of the entertainment industry. The front end of the market has started to integrate the ideas of large theme parks into small chamber gardens, and various thematic elements and IP elements began to emerge.

The current relatively popular in the market has the space theme, bike subject, jungle theme, the chamber of secrets, magic, theme, etc., from the design style of the environmental point of view, the old, there is no clear IP to design have apparently unable to keep up with the trend, the site operator if you want to deteriorating competition, for the overall spatial environment design innovation can't be ignored.

Of course, besides the innovation of the entertainment industry itself, the appearance and function of the amusement equipment is also a bright spot. It's not even less important than space innovation. After all, everything is more important than packaging.

The recreation equipment has the appearance design of integration with the pleasure space, which can attract more attention to the operators of the entertainment industry. Especially in some amusement Spaces with theme park nature, the configuration and appearance of the machine stand out, which is to make an ultra-low grade mistake.

Functional terms, the addition of the current science and technology elements for a player is very attractive, generation born in the age of the Internet has the sensitivity to new things, if you want to come from such player pocket money, must want to take for them to be able to recognise and enjoyed recreation function. The popular 4D, 5D 7D cinema viewing technology, AR, VR experience technology and so on are the good partners of the new platform.

Finally, and most importantly, it is the innovation of the business mode of the entertainment industry. We not only want to please players from the environment, but also attract players from the content.

The age of the Internet has a huge impact on traditional recreational industry, but also gives us a good business way, in the Internet age, everything is inseparable from the network, the customer's life cannot leave the network, that our business nature also cannot leave the network.

Network to provide us with O2O mode of operation, provide very good word of mouth marketing, facilitate mobile platform, providing online digital member management, to provide "can bring home game to play" the temptation of conditions, to provide win-win guarantee of chain business, we have what reason to refuse the management method of "Internet +"?

So, wherever you go, the innovation is fundamentally profitable, and the bottom line is business. Recreational industry mode of operation of innovation, can be said to be the three most fundamental and important part of innovation, it is worth we think about parts, 2018 began, new era demand of industrial innovation did you do?