How to run a 5D cinema

- Nov 09, 2017-

How to run a 5D cinema

5d cinema equipment is developed on the basis of 4d cinema gradually stereo feeling theater equipment, relatively more than 4d a lot of special effects in environment system, such as flexible hip, tong sweep back, leg, blowing and so on dozens of special effects. 5d cinema equipment is also a representative of a new round of amusement machine works, it is composed of the projector equipment system, luxurious dynamic seats, broadcast systems, environmental effects, such as identification system established by several parts. 5d cinema equipment not only can see and hear the story happened, still can feel the movie plot in various movements and smell, namely the 5d cinema equipment through the visual, auditory understand the development of the plot, again through the sense of touch and smell feeling in the movie plot all kinds of science fiction, stimulation, simulation of rain and snow, the simulation of lightning, barrel scratching hip, leg, waist and so on dozens of external environment stunt incisively and vividly, lifelike realism of super shock.

1. Open shop: it can open storefront in the busy area of the local area, and collect the tickets directly by people.

2. School science: many small cities have no science museum, and students can only see the high-tech products on TV and can not experience them personally. We can work with local schools to get students to experience the audio-visual shock of high technology in a popular way.

3. Cooperation of merchants: can cooperate with some nearby merchants, shopping can reach a certain amount or amount of the ticket of 5D tickets, give the merchants a certain discount.

4. Website group purchase: can cooperate with group-buying website, put 5D movie tickets on group-buying website to sell, the business will be more popular.

5. Mobile operation: self-made and disassembled mobile projection room, mobile operation, unrestricted by region.

6. Vehicle-mounted operation: directly install 5D cinema in the van, without the door, operation.