How Virtual Reality (VR) How to Nugget Operations Management

- Mar 21, 2019-

How Virtual Reality (VR) How to Nugget Operations Management


Virtual Reality (VR) and Enhanced Virtual Reality (AR) are technologies that create interactive 3D dynamic views and physical behaviors that immerse users in their technology. But VR is different from AR. Augmented reality only superimposes virtual images on real images and videos, while virtual reality is completely generated by computers. The key to attracting people is the new cognitive experience.

At present, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, HTC, etc. are already leading companies in the field. The core idea is to use computer graphics systems and various interface devices such as reality and control to generate interactive 3D environments on computers.

Microsoft's upcoming virtual reality HoloLens holographic glasses will be a cross-border bridge between virtual reality and augmented reality, enabling real-time, continuous access to virtual scenes and support for more natural gesture input. This augmented reality experience will greatly expand the way human-computer interaction.

In the industrial application scenarios, VR is inseparable from various design and operation stages. In the operational phase, virtual reality has a major impact on equipment operation and maintenance, breaking through the space and time constraints of equipment operation and maintenance. Realistic equipment disassembly and assembly, fault repair and other operations, extraction equipment's existing capital equipment operation and maintenance in space and time constraints, can achieve realistic equipment disassembly, fault repair and other operations, extract the equipment's existing data, status data , verify equipment performance. At the same time, through the simulation operation process, the time of maintenance work, the configuration of maintenance work, the selection of maintenance tools, the order of equipment parts disassembly, the space required for maintenance work, and the estimated maintenance cost are calculated.