I did not expect that the original children's park can change the pattern like this!

- Apr 03, 2019-

I did not expect that the original children's park can change the pattern like this!

Naughty Fortress Theme Children's Park is welcomed by investors and families with its distinctive theme and diverse styles. There are also many different naughty castle themes in the market, and the ever-changing naughty style to customers. Bringing a bright way, and the naughty castle equipment with a large flow of people can increase the fun style of customers. When the ever-changing naughty castle theme style and the large traffic flow of naughty castle equipment, you can make your naughty castle more competitive in front of other manufacturers, and more able to meet the needs of customers!

Naughty castle equipment series

[A] parent-child software series

The parent-child software series adopts all-in-one software combination design, which can be used to build different functions and different modeling equipments. It is widely used in children's playgrounds and parent-child parks. The software series adopts the soft bag process, which fully considers the safety hazard problem of children's play, even if it is slightly affected by the touch, it also provides the children with wisdom development and exerts imagination.


[two] Sand pool series

As an important part of the children's paradise, the Shachi series includes Cassia Shachi and space sand-sand pools. The children use small carts and small shovel-shaped tools to transport sand and sand. Based on the general sand pool function, Yi Deli has created a unique decorative design that makes the Taole Shachi unique.


[three] colorful rope net series

In recent years, the rainbow rope network has become popular, attracting attention with its unique colorful color function. Huge rainbow trees, all kinds of colors, all hand-woven rope woven, durable, consisting of a slightly flat canopy and a hollow trunk. The flat canopy accommodates many children to climb, and the hanging star equipment sways, both beautiful and fun.