In 2010, China will become the largest VR market in the world

- Nov 14, 2017-

In 2010, China will become the largest VR market in the world

The industry as a whole can reach 790.2 billion yuan


With the expansion of China's virtual reality (VR) industry, a benign VR industrial ecosystem has been established. The gap between China's VR technology and application and the world's advanced level is gradually narrowing, and the market size is also growing rapidly. By 2021, China is expected to become the world's largest VR market, with a total industry size of 790.2 billion yuan

"China's VR (virtual reality) technology and applications are narrowing with the world's advanced level, and there are some areas that are moving from 'heel' to 'running'." On November 9th international virtual reality innovation conference held in Qingdao, China academy of engineering, virtual reality industry union director qin-ping zhao told reporters: the economic daily "after nearly 30 years after, VR technology approaching the world's advanced level in our country, has been widely used in civil entertainment, culture, tourism, education and wisdom city, equipment research and development, medical and other fields, in the field of health care and education, entertainment and even has been in a 'and' position."

Reporters at the scene of the exhibition saw many innovative VR products: just a small box can be virtual keyboard and screen of VR computer, mechanical arm was used to simulate a roller coaster of VR games, and VR bookstores and VR pilot, etc. In the company's showroom, the reporter experienced a "submarine cruise" through VR products, and found that unlike the same product a year ago, the picture was particularly clear and without a sense of vertigo. "This is our company's own research and development, technological progress has brought new experiences." Song, senior product manager ZhaiQing told reporters that thanks to implement the hardware and software technology, screen technology and the higher the chip processing ability, make the picture at a much lower latency, resolution, software production Gao Qinghua, dynamic scheduling more mature, makes the VR experience closer to a true feeling.

However, experts agree that there are still some obvious differences between China's VR industry and foreign countries. Zhao qinping believes that China's VR industry has a gap in CPU, chip and other core hardware. Qiao yushan, deputy director of the electronic information division of the ministry of industry and information technology, believes that the gap is also reflected in the insufficient application of high-quality virtual reality content, as well as the lack of industrial ecology and insufficient coordination of industrial chains.

"The breadth of China's VR application is at the forefront of the world, providing a foundation for our country to fully realize 'and run' in VR, and it is also an advantage to achieve 'and run' to 'lead'." Qin-ping zhao told reporters: "last as long as the government policy support, the enterprise strength continuously invest, laboratory, university of ecosystem, cutting-edge talent, enterprise investment, the VR industry prospects will be very good."

At present, our country will be virtual reality industry development to rise to national level, included in the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" informatization planning and so on many big file, nearly 20 provinces, cities and regions in our country the layout of virtual reality industry. The laoshan district of Qingdao has gathered 60 percent of the high level talent resources of VR in China. The high-end VR headgear of the local enterprise goer company has taken up about 80% of the global market share, and has become an integral integrator of the upstream VR/AR equipment software hardware. Gather at the same time, the entire district precision.our, black crystal science and technology, hisense, such as health care, 36 VR enterprise with strong strength, application related to health care, tourism experience, popular science education, building, and many other fields. Laoshan district also successfully established the first national virtual reality high-tech industrial base.

Experts think, with application scope expanding, VR industry in China by the developer, hardware, content, users, technology, channels, and capital strength of furthering, preliminary build a benign VR industry ecosystem, forms a set of tools equipment, industry application, content production, the industrial chain, including the distribution platform and related services. The VR industry market is growing at a very fast pace, and it is expected that China's VR market will pass the 10 billion yuan mark in 2018. Over the next five years, the VR market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 80%. By 2021, China is expected to become the world's largest VR market, with a total industry size of 790.2 billion yuan.

Qiao Yueshan said: "our country has been in artificial intelligence, 5 g communications, high-end chip, new display, and other fields has made certain progress, through collaborative innovation, with virtual reality, and communities for the industry to promote cross-border integration in different areas, and then define the new standard and new technology, and even the fission subvert our new products and new markets."