In addition to playing virtual reality games, what's the point of VR headgear?

- Feb 08, 2018-

In addition to playing virtual reality games, what's the point of VR headgear?

In fact, VR technology has been used to treat mental illness. For some mental illness, there is a feasible treatment plan - VRET virtual reality exposure therapy. Virtual reality technology integrates real-time computer graphics, the body feels sensing, visual imaging technology to create a real, can be immersed for patients and interactive scenario, exposure therapy is the classic realistic situation, alternative treatment options. Currently, VRET has been shown to be effective against PTSD, anxiety and PTSD. In the UK, VR technology has been used as a treatment for paranoia, and the us has been using VR since the 1990s to treat soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder. Daniel freeman, a professor at Oxford University, also published a paper in wired magazine that said "vr is effective for disquiet." But it is worth noting that more research is needed on the treatment of other mental disorders.

In addition to the treatment of mental illness, VR technology will be applied to education, criminal investigation, news and other fields.

In education, VR technology is not simply a teaching tool for knowledge, but a "experience" for learners. VR learning needs not memory, but feelings. It is believed that VR education is not suitable for traditional education or education, but VR plays an irreplaceable role in visual teaching and practical courses. Like geography and history, immersive images are easier for students to accept than words. In the course of chemistry, physics and so on, students can conduct experiments without scrutiny-even intuitively and harmlessly perceive the harm caused by experiment failure or operation error. Of course, if the VR can breach the technical bulwark, reduce blu-ray wound to the child's eyes, then the panoramic class also is to let people are looking forward to form of education, children do not need to go to school to study knowledge, even using VR can achieve the goal of social.

When it comes to socializing, you have to mention Facebook. As one of the Internet social giants, in 2016, Facebook has launched the VR social platform Spaces VR. The biggest benefit of SpacesVR's login via Facebook is the ability to directly access friends. In this platform, users are presented with 3D characters, and 3D characters have rich customizable resources. At the same time, users can conduct VR selfies or VR live broadcast. Of course, many content developers have joined the content development work of VR social network, and some platforms can even use VR equipment to hold party activities. But VR quiting into social is still in an industry, there are many function not fully developed, such as allowing separated couples together, like there is no distance can not only meet will also be able to touch each other.

If the application of the above two areas is closely related to the general public, VR will be used in criminal investigation and news, which will be quite a surprise to relevant practitioners. In the aspect of criminal investigation, VR can reproduce the crime scene so as to facilitate the search of the reconnaissance personnel without destroying the scene. In our country, VR technology has been used in reconnaissance, security, etc., through configuration fisheye lens in dog body, when dogs to search work, investigators can see around. In the news, the People's Daily has produced a "9.3" military parade, the VR video, and xinhua news agency has produced "bring you" to the shenzhen landslide rescue site. The immersive experience of VR can reproduce the news site more realistically, but VR+ news is still in its infancy, and there is no large-scale application.

When it comes to VR, the first thing people think about is the game or the porn industry. There is no denying the fact that the immersive VR experience can provide users with great fun and games, anime "sword god domain" in the way of the game is to let countless players mind yearning, but VR as a new technology, in addition to the above areas, can use in the future will be very widely. It can be said that if VR technology is mature, it will overturn the current way of life of mankind.