In the era of economic value, how can the lipstick machine be successfully countered?

- Oct 18, 2018-

 In the era of economic value, how can the lipstick machine be successfully countered?


With the increasing consumption power, Chinese consumers pay more attention to caring for themselves from the inside out, and “beauty life” has become one of the key words of consumers' quality life. The surge in demand for cosmetics has brought the growth rate of cosmetics in 2017 to department stores and shopping malls by 30.3%, second only to e-commerce channels.

In this context, whether it is a mature brand with strong brand appeal, or an emerging brand with unique positioning and creative game method, it is based on brand positioning, creative marketing and purchase model innovation, which bring consumers a new experience. So, in the era of Yan value economy, how does the lipstick grid machine stand out?

The development of vending machines and mobile payments brings new opportunities to lipstick dispensers

At present, as a more convenient retail mode, vending machines have flexible point distribution and can penetrate into the difficult space of corridors, subway stations and other stores, satisfying the convenience of instant convenience and random consumption. The characteristics of labor and area saving have effectively solved the pain points of high rents and high labor costs in the physical retail industry, and have unique channel value.

The rental cost of convenience stores increased by 7% and labor costs increased by 6.5%. Therefore, vending machines with low labor costs and small floor space have become a hot spot of attention. The emergence of new equipment such as juice vending machines, coffee vending machines, and fresh fruit vending machines has made this format even more possibilities.

As the urbanization process continues to advance and the population continues to be concentrated, the area of public space such as office buildings and subway stations suitable for vending machines is increasing. The arrival of intelligent technology upgrades and the era of mobile payment is an important driving factor for the rise of the vending machine industry. Traditional vending machines are paid with specific denominations of banknotes and coins. Machines change to zero, which is prone to problems such as card currency and lack of currency, which brings additional operation and maintenance costs and seriously affects the user experience.

Mobile payment access greatly improves the user's buying experience and further reduces operating costs. And the back-end management system of the intelligent vending machine can monitor the inventory and operation status of the goods in real time. With back-end data, operators can replenish and maintain equipment more program matically, reducing operating costs. Through sales data analysis, you can optimize the position and merchandise structure of the vending machine. Users can also query the location and merchandise of nearby vending machines through the APP and purchase directly, to achieve online diversion, and more timely replenishment, single-machine sales can be improved.