In the second half of 2017, the investment in VR entertainment industry has grown significantly

- Nov 25, 2017-

In the second half of 2017, the investment in VR entertainment industry has grown significantly

The Venture Reality Fund (VR), a venture-capital firm, has released its latest investment report, showing that investment in VR entertainment in The second half of 2017 is up 79% from a year earlier. Most obviously, Hollywood is actively embracing VR, AR and MR.


The report shows that creating VR/AR ecology, more than 450 companies are developing related basic technologies, tools, platforms and applications. Up to now, the global investment in AR and VR has exceeded us $2.3 billion, far exceeding the previous investment.


"Global AR/VR investment is accelerating ata faster pace than previously," Tipatat Chennavasin, co-founder and general partner of VR Fund, said in a statement. The VR industry is developing healthily and steadily. We also see a significant interest in the sector from investors from traditional venture capital institutions, as well as the emergence of new VR/AR funds.


Compared with the second half of 2016, the second half of 2017 (so far) VR/AR entertainment industry investment rose by 79%, business investment quantity 69%, the investment in tools and platform class grew by 56%, wearing a display device investment grew by 47%.

The VR Fund evaluates the overall VR situation of more than 3,000 companies that meet certain criteria for financing, revenue, mainstream coverage, and major partners. Since the launch of the Global VR Landscape in the first quarter of 2017, the number of companies that meet the criteria has grown by 30 per cent.

Understands, report the main objects of study covers several big Hollywood player: AMC, Disney, dreamworks, HBO, NetFlix, SONY pictures and viacom, they greatly promote the development of the VR entertainment industry. Some "Star Wars" triple-a VR experiences will also make consumers more interested in VR.


The report also showed that the VR game category increased by 40% in the second half of 2017, which is consistent with the sentiment of Oculus, Steam VR and PSVR. The VR Fund estimates that more than 35 VR games have already received $1 million, or even more revenue, suggesting that VR gaming studios are in the early stages of healthy development. As the price of the first device drops, both the number of games and revenues will continue to grow.


VR Fund, said the second half of 2017, the international companies such as cisco, HP and accenture are VR industry, but the company's revenue growth, most rely on start-up company revenue in a particular field. The trend will continue in the coming quarters as Microsoft's Windows MR debut comes on to bring more affordable devices to the market.


Meanwhile, investment in the next generation of VR content also shows that the market is moving from 360-degree video to true VR. The development of display technology will enable the headset to grow 47%. Lei feng network has found that the report mentioned that the new device, such as Oculus Go and HTC Vive Focus, will have a big boost to VR in 2018