Indoor game machines must be advancing with the times and be proficient in internet marketing

- Dec 08, 2018-

Indoor game machines must be advancing with the times and be proficient in internet marketing

If the current indoor game machine can't keep up with the times and don't understand Internet marketing, then the future road will become narrower and narrower, and it will not be able to operate. So what is internet marketing? Internet marketing, also known as online marketing, is a form of marketing that uses the Internet. With the change of information transmission methods and the increasingly sophisticated computer technology, the new marketing method Internet marketing was born. Internet marketing is based on the Internet as a medium, with a new approach, methods and concepts, through a series of marketing planning, drafting and implementation of marketing activities. Many elements of marketing, such as: game machine manufacturers brand, channels, shopping malls, pricing promotions, promotion and other elements have been shown in Internet marketing, but Internet marketing has brought new methods to traditional marketing elements. content.

Nowadays, many indoor game machines rely on Internet methods to improve their popularity. In the meantime, the fan marketing method is the most widely used marketing method. Its cost is low, the effect is fast, the speed of communication is fast, and it can attract a large number of people in a short time. The player's gaze. Before doing network marketing, you first need to consider how to suck the powder. How to put the venue out, it is of course important to suck the powder, but more importantly, how to turn the fans into real customers, this will examine the marketing strength of the indoor game machine, but Often many venues do not handle this aspect well, and many potential players are lost in vain. It is a pity that can be done to prevent this situation.

First, the indoor game machine does not only need to promote the equipment, but to serve the players.

Many indoor game machines rely solely on old players to maintain their income. In fact, this has great limitations, not only is not profitable, but also not attractive, although these can recover the cost for the venue investors in a short time, but if Long time relying on old customers, and no new players to join them will be powerless. Is there a better indoor game console program that can be profitable for a long time? That is all the services of the indoor game electromechanical play city, and the service is also reflected in the behaviors of the employees, so after we recruit many fans online, we must also train the service personnel of our venue, because they directly face the customers. Their emotions represent the mood of the venue, and their level of service determines the height of the venue, so service is very important.

Second, the hardware equipment can not fall behind, but also keep pace with the times.

Only the unique venue equipment has become an explosive product. When conducting network promotion, it is necessary to highlight the explosion of the venue equipment, so as to attract the attention of the players to the greatest extent and promote the consumption of new and old players. Of course, online and offline should be developed simultaneously. It is not possible to set up a set of offline lines. This will give the player a feeling of being cheated. This feeling will make the player feel very uncomfortable or even contradictory. We can only give players the greatest level of entertainment experience, in order to have a better popularity, so the equipment must keep up with the pace of the times, not seeking the latest, but must be the most popular, constantly update the equipment of the indoor game machine, also An action that adds points to the venue.

Third, the indoor environment should be clean, all indicators must be qualified.

Every game in the indoor game electromechanical city has great player contact. In addition to daily maintenance work, the corresponding cleaning and disinfection can not be ignored. The dirty equipment is not loved by one person, and it is easy. Carrying germs, for safety reasons, most people will reject this equipment. If the whole venue is like this, it will be a devastating blow to the indoor game electromechanical city. No player is willing to go to a dirty The venue of the garbage dump is going to play, so be sure to do a good job of cleaning all sorts of equipment to give players a safe, green and healthy entertainment environment.

Finally, we return to the theme of Internet marketing, there are many ways to cash out fans, for example, often hold some promotional activities, such as sending coupons or how many months of experience in the annual card, etc. The most important thing is to turn fans into their own customers to consume. This is the highest embodiment of our game machine price, and it is the root of our profit.