Is the shared massage chair a must for the playground?

- Mar 04, 2019-

Is the shared massage chair a must for the playground?

If the playground is to be placed in a massage chair, the parents will take the children to play and have a comfortable massage chair to rest. Then, not only will the children's consumption income in the playground be increased, but also the benefits of parents using the massage chair in the waiting area. When parents form a spending habit, next time he will definitely find a playground with a massage chair. Then the massage chair is bound to become the supporting facilities for the major playgrounds. When there are no massage chairs in other playgrounds, the massage chair will become your advantage. Parents have a dependence on the massage chair, so next time you will choose to bring your child to play here.

Of course, the mall not only has parents who bring children to play, but also many consumers who come to the mall to go shopping, watch movies, and eat, can also use. People are tired of shopping, waiting for the meal, waiting for the opening of the movie and other fragmentation time. There is a massage chair to lie down and rest. It is the need of most urban people, and once the user is used to it, it may be a kind of continuous. At the same time, the massage chair corresponds to the needs of all ordinary users, so the number of people in need is relatively large.

Just as we were about to leave, we passed a video game mall in the mall. The reporter found that there were several shared massage chairs at the door of this home appliance. The reporter was curious to go in and watch it. By interviewing the management staff of the video game city, the reporter learned that the massage chair is still a suggestion for guests who often come to the store to play. It turned out that he often came here to play dance machines with friends. Some songs were a little tired. I wanted to find a comfortable seat to rest, so I made a suggestion with the boss. I didn't expect to have two shared massage chairs in two days, not only satisfying the requirements of previous customers, but also attracting more passing customers to experience. The owner of the video game city also made a series of promotional activities. If you buy the game currency, you can experience the massage chair for free, so that the customer can stay in the venue for a longer period of time, and indirectly promote the secondary consumption of the customer. It really is two birds!

After investigations and interviews by reporters, it has been found that more and more shared massage chairs have been accepted by everyone. The playgrounds in the shopping malls, video games, entertainment venues where everyone gathers on weekends, sharing massage chairs are bound to become an indispensable facility. . At the same time, you can enjoy top-quality massage services.

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