Is there a vertigo feeling in VR gaming devices?

- Sep 26, 2018-

 Is there a vertigo feeling in VR gaming devices?


Many VR game players have expressed a little dizziness when they first experienced it. Is it because VR games or VR devices?

By observing the time when different people have a sense of vertigo on VR, it is concluded that people with good motor nerves are particularly prone to vertigo when experiencing VR head display, even a stationary reference system can not persist for a long time. People with poor motor nerves will not feel dizzy even when they experience the vertical motion reference game of roller coaster and pirate ship. Of course, the premise is that using the hard-core low-latency device "VRP" (Vive Rift PSVR) head movement and the head-end picture are out of sync will cause dizziness has been the industry consensus.

The VR game with relatively static reference frame is the least likely to cause dizziness. In simple terms, the scene in the head display does not move by itself. It is relatively static in the world of the head display. It requires the experienced person to move or rotate his head in a small range. Nowadays, manufacturers who have a good understanding of VR games will use "instant moving" as the way of moving in the game. This way, switching the position of the observer in a large scene is not easy to cause dizziness.

The VR game representing the vertical rotation reference system is a variety of acceleration experience games, such as various roller coasters, pirate ships, space racing and so on. Since such VR games provide the experienced person with a sense of acceleration in the vertical direction, there is usually no means for the brain to accurately simulate the acceleration in the vertical direction, so people with better motor nerves are not recommended to experience such games. A peripheral seat that can be rotated 360 degrees vertically, the seat itself can cause dizziness.

    So, playing VR games will not stun one, you need to refer to people, and the other needs to refer to the game.