Is there really no market for children's game machine?

- Dec 28, 2017-

 Is there really no market for children's game machine?

Has not been that people look at children's amusement machine at this time by most manufacturers at is their lifeline, many wise boss immediately transformation, think they mean that the s has changed, only do healthy positive machine can survive for a long time is, of course, part of the boss still clung to, want to have a bright day, but with the passage of time as well as the major news exposure, they last a little hope all broken, unhealthy things turned out to be difficult to long-term development.


Through some relevant market research institutions, according to a recent survey data shows many big malls, supermarkets are now set up some place for children to play, the aim is to let the parents take their children to longer in shopping malls or supermarkets, so that parents can have higher consumption. New mothers, says ms li now feel oneself monthly spending rose sharply, we have learned, really, as ms li said, urban area, large and small, stores, supermarkets, children's amusement facilities have become the basic configuration. In particular, the emergence of many large squares nowadays has made the children's amusement facilities a standard match to attract more children to play.


Children's amusement industry drives the shopping mall

"Children every week to some large shopping plaza, children's park to play once, and every day sit near the residential area to shake car" previous children only some amusement center slide, ocean ball or equipment such as trampoline, now there are fishing pond, the sand, there are some soft clay, color mud and so on, these educational projects more and more rich, the child in a children's playground play can play half a day. Citizens said, every weekend, each big mall in popularity, many of them are parents with children in the children's amusement park, the children have a good time, parents can easily shopping mall, kill two birds with one stone. The existence of children's playground has brought a lot of buzz to the mall.

With the development of economy, people constantly improve the level of, games caught the attention of the majority of children, the children's market is just like a big cake, make a lot of people are coveted if thirsty, want to join in. Choose children game industry, is the best choice for many entrepreneurs, now use money cultivate children has become a trend, the parents are willing to pay for the child, so investment in children's game is the first step in a lot of business success.