It is regarded as the obstacle of virtual reality and the origin of VR vertigo.

- Feb 03, 2018-

It is regarded as the obstacle of virtual reality and the origin of VR vertigo.


Virtual reality technology has not only a science fiction movie fantasy, with our most familiar with the various head-mounted display devices, for example, they can be referred to as VR, AR, MR, CR, four categories, although these products have been through repeatedly the generation of updates, but they still didn't solve the problem of the user's vertigo, why along with the rapid development of science and technology and product upgrading, vertigo remains difficult to eradicate?

We first understand the coordination between human "vestibular system" and "visual system" in the case of vertigo caused by head-mounted display equipment.

Vestibular system: as the name implies, it is the sense of position and hearing, and the ear can be balanced and balanced by hearing, and the balance depends on the vestibular organ.

Visual system: it is very easy to understand that light ACTS on the visual organ, making it feel the excitement of the cells. The information is processed by the visual nervous system and produces the vision.

VR, however this kind of equipment through technical means to create a lifelike virtual reality effect, our eye is known to all, in fact distance is not the same between the natural period of the image will be a slight deviation, but in a VR system receives the user two eyes also did deviation processing images, one eye can only see the odd frames, another eye sees only the even frame, so that you can create vivid stereo vision image. Of course, in addition to the processing and processing of images, we can identify the gyroscope and sound presentation of our head movement, which is also an essential factor for creating realistic virtual effects.

But the problem is that while images can somehow deceive our visual system, our vestibular system is not as easily fooled as we might think. Virtual reality devices now because we are not completely simulation motion trajectory of the human brain perceives, so when we see the scene when moving, the brain actually still is dormant in reminds us, as we frequently do not regularly receive unnatural speed change, this time we will generate intermittent dizzy.

Actually everybody is not the same as acceptance of vertigo, as many people by car, by boat will produce a dizzy, while many people won't appear problem, here involves a more complex evolution problems, or to walk the main human, after all, three hundred years ago. In order to let our vestibular system as far as possible to reduce work, then it can only be in uniform motion in a straight line, sense the environment of acceleration and deceleration, for example, we took a plane or Gao Tieshi won't appear serious sense of vertigo.

To allow VR image can display equipment to cheat the effect of the human brain, so we use VR devices should be as far as possible when the choose and buy some high frames the refresh rate of the product, minimum refresh rate also need 60 frames per second, as much as possible under the foundation to guarantee link dizziness and nausea, some mainstream VR equipment at present can be in the work at a speed of 90 frames per second, or even Sony PS VR can reach 120 frames per second.

Relieve dizziness phenomenon is virtual reality products a factor to be reckoned with in the future, believe the future will have the technical implementation of vestibular system and visual system of deception, so human beings should can like science fiction movie "the matrix", do never go out also can see "the world". 


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