It’s hard to run a child park like this without profit!

- Jan 15, 2019-

It’s hard to run a child park like this without profit!


First, entertaining and learning

For the present society, children are the heart of the parents, they are not willing to fight, they are not willing to be embarrassed, and they are very concerned about the education of their children. Therefore, the general playground equipment for children is definitely not supported by parents. Because I feel that it is playing. Only by embedding the concepts of entertainment, safety, education and health into the game equipment, can they accept us psychologically and let them feel that children can not only play but also learn things. Let the baby enjoy the happy parenthood time, which makes the children's park win a bigger consumer market.

Second, event promotion

Promotions can gather popularity and bring a considerable source of income to children's parks. Suggestion: At the beginning of the opening, you can set a certain free zone. Children will have an interest after playing in the free zone, and then promote the consumption of other facilities. You can also use the number of cards, monthly cards and other preferential methods to promote and guide them to re-consume. You can also set group offers, such as 30 yuan for singles and half price for doubles.

Third, the service

The decision-making power of children's consumption is not only to win the children's love, but also to be recognized by the parents. Suggest:

1. Parents and children will be thirsty when they are having fun. They can set up a parent rest area and provide some other services, such as drinks, snacks, and set up free WIFI. They can also sell children's toys, which can promote consumption and create greater profits. .

2, paste disinfection notices, drive people. The child's resistance is poor. The parents are most concerned about the hygiene problems of the playing place. They need to stick the disinfected tips at the door. Be sure to keep the disinfection of the sanitation site at all times. Don't let the parents feel that this is just a show. In addition, I will simply disinfect each child and parent who enters the game and wash it with a hand-washing solution that is free of water. This way, parents can rest assured that they are willing to put their children in the park.

Fourth, member management

At present, there are many problems in the management of many park merchants, such as:

1, most of the energy in the development of new members, and did not pay attention to the maintenance of old customers, do not know the gold cup silver cup, not as good as the consumer's reputation.

2. The “coolness” customers with higher consumption limits are neglected, and the merchants pay too much attention to buying “specialist” customers.

3, members communicate too frequently, the purpose of communication is too direct, causing harassment and resentment, communication channels are single, do not understand the customer's communication habits.

4. Lack of management on each life cycle of the customer, unable to activate the customer's secondary activity.

5. Lack of long-term awareness of member management, simply understanding the membership system as an activity promotion, which lowers the consumption level of members.

The above are some tips and suggestions about the profitability of children's parks. Can you really make a profit? In addition to these factors, there are other objective factors that are different due to some actual problems in the children's paradise. In short, you must manage your own children's playground. Observe, compare more, communicate with customers, and investigate the market.