It’s not so easy to operate, every amusement machine has its temper

- May 10, 2019-

It’s not so easy to operate, every amusement machine has its temper

I have been in the game industry for some years and I can always hear complaints like this: This machine is not good (playing), and there are very few people who like to play!

Today's video game city, the machine configuration is similar, some venues are booming, some are not interested, where is the problem?

Looking for a venue, buying some machines, hiring some people, engaging in activities, you can get into the gold? It is not so easy to operate a video game city!

There are many reasons for the poor management. Share your personal opinion on the operation of the machine.

The amusement machine is undoubtedly the core of the video game city. The operation of a certain machine will drive the popularity and revenue of the whole game. When you don't understand the "temper" of these amusement machines, it will only be difficult to operate.

Take the doll machine as an example. The players of the doll machine are roughly: children, young men (female), couples... What are the impulses of these groups to play with the doll machine?

Child - gift

Young (male) - sister

Young (female) - Shuhan, gifts

Couples - show love, gifts

It can be seen that the "temper" of the doll machine player: gifts, attention

Business advice: Place the right gift, the doll machine is placed in the center of the venue.

The racing amusement machine is the must-have machine for the video game city. The players are mostly young people. Playing a racing amusement machine, the pursuit of a feeling of flying electric, a variety of perfect drift movements, so that players have a sense of substitution, achievement.

The temper of racing amateur players: cool, competitive

Business advice:

1. Ensure that the operation of the racing amusement machine is sensitive, such as the steering wheel, brakes, buttons, etc., giving the player a good gaming experience;

2, keep online (network), it is recommended that 4 sets be neatly placed to create a competitive atmosphere;

3, set up a racing amusement club, regularly organize racing activities, so that players become a video game city "iron powder."

Classic arcades, we have different feelings, they accompanied us through the lush years. Meet with three or five friends, and remember the beautiful boy time in the last few games.

The "temper" of arcade players: nostalgia, confrontation

Business advice: Play against the back of the arcade, create a mystery of "sports". Organize the monthly and annual arcade competitions, post the dragon and tiger charts in the arcade area, create a competitive atmosphere, stimulate the players, and encourage them to practice hard.

Music wakes up the ears, and the rhythm lets the body dance! The dance amusement machine has always been loved by people and is not limited to young people.

The "temper" of the dancers: the skill, the honor

Business advice:

(1) Place it in a conspicuous place on the site to attract attention;

(2) Place 2 to 3 benches near the dance machine for customers to watch or wait;

(3) It is very necessary to organize a dance machine competition. The prizes are not expensive, and the dancers care more about the skills and honors.

The lottery amusement machine is a gold-absorbing artifact in the video game venue. The importance is self-evident. The "magic side" of operating the lottery machine - first win the popularity, and then harvest the revenue!

Lottery player's "temper": greed, surprise

Business advice:

(1) The game must have certain challenges, but it also needs small prizes to comfort the players. It is not too difficult to enter the Grand Prize (JP);

(2) Improve the ticketing rate and attract the attention of the players. It is recommended that the number of single-currency tickets be between 30 and 40;

(3) A certain number of lottery tickets can be accumulated in a single time to participate in the lucky draw; (the winning rate is as high as 80%-90%, and the small prize is mostly)

(4) Gifts that can be redeemed for lottery are practical and diverse;

(5) A single machine can use the activity mode to stimulate the player's consumption; for example, enter the JP Grand Prize and win a certain number of lottery tickets, you can get 20 coins (or a pack of cigarettes, or a delicate worker) .

Presence is reasonable, don't let the machine become the layout of the venue! The site is not in good condition. Instead of complaining about the machine, it is better to think about the player's psychology, combine the characteristics of the machine, and solve the problem and find the right way to operate.