Japan develops the first freely combinable goods vending machine

- Mar 01, 2019-

Japan develops the first "freely combinable goods" vending machine

According to Japan's "Financial News" reported on February 13, the Sandy retail system developed the first "multi-function vending machine" in Japan that can freely combine products, and announced that it will start listing in the spring of 2019.

The shortage of manpower in the circulation industry is becoming more and more serious. For this reason, various convenience stores are actively introducing “unmanned shops” and self-service meal collection systems, which are refreshing. The new multi-module vending machine that was released this time was also developed under the requirements of the times.

This high-performance vending machine consists of three modules: “main body”, “small vending machine” and “large commodity vending machine”. The payment function of the vending machine and the like are concentrated in the main part. It is also possible to set a combination of a plurality of size modules according to the size of the installation place, and realize the same product type of the department store and the function of the commercial center store.

And the biggest feature is that you only need a new vending machine. Drinks need not be said, but also food, stationery, daily necessities such as lunch, rice balls, vegetables and bread, and even some other products that are widely sold in different sizes. Of course, the corresponding temperature treatment can also be performed.

The lunch can be packed in each container, and the daily necessities can be stored in the form of a hook. The merchandise rack itself can also be freely set and transformed. Moreover, since the control of the display rack is reflected in the automatically detected instantaneous system, the burden on the manager of the vending machine is also greatly reduced.

Thanks to the introduction of the LCD screen, it can correspond not only to Japanese, but also to English, Chinese, and Korean. The new vending machines can be settled with coins, banknotes, electronic money, invoice functions, and the sales price of multi-module suppliers is also transparent.