Japanese high-tech ghost house virtual reality experience different stimulation.

- Feb 24, 2018-

Japanese high-tech "ghost house" virtual reality experience different stimulation.


The "haunted house", which USES VR(VR) technology, is now on the scene at the amusement park fengdao park in Tokyo's Tokyo training area. Equipped with special VR headsets, visitors can experience the real world without being in the real world.

The "ghost house" was set up as "an abandoned route for railway staff". The virtual space is easy to operate 360 degrees after the tourists get on the cart and wear it. The cart moves automatically on a terrible night - off line. It is impossible to achieve performance in the real world, because VR becomes possible.

Visitors can also report finding a distortion of the route, or turning the head, with the head light line hitting the approaching evil spirit to carry out the "ghost". Since opening the door to welcome guests, extremely popular, on the day of rest can be formed to wait for more than 1 hour long dragon.

As a matter of fact, there is another purpose for the "hate ghost" VR. In order to apply VR technology to the training of railway equipment, the "ghost house" has the task of trial operation and inspection.

It is reported that the "haunted house" will be open to April.