Kids coin operated swing machine

- Nov 05, 2018-

Kids coin operated swing machine


Kids coin operated swing machine have been popular on the streets, in the street shops, or in children's parks. Why is this kind of children's game machine so popular soon?


The kids coin operated swing machine is a children's swing car with an interactive steering wheel gear experience. The colorful body is instantly taken into the eye, and its appeal is extraordinary; the overall LED lights are illuminated, the light is even and can be controlled independently. The internal and external control of the rotating water and the voice system, the front swing window can also attract the surrounding children to watch. Affordable, cost-effective children's game machine electric environmental protection ABS plastic injection, environmentally friendly and durable.


Kids coin operated swing machine features: PP high-strength plastic has elasticity and toughness, so it is not easily damaged during transportation. The surface of the PP plastic case is smooth, the paint adhesion rate is strong, it is not easy to fade, and no cracks will occur. Specially used environmentally friendly paint, no pungent odor, anti-freeze and anti-UV ingredients, bright and beautiful color, looks exquisite and high-grade.


Children's coin-operated swing machine game, let the child sit firmly on the seat belt, enter the game after coin-operated, the machine will swing up and down, play the children's songs at the same time, press the button, will send eight kinds of analog sounds, time to, automatically stop .