Kitty special VR glasses listed

- Dec 25, 2018-

Kitty special VR glasses listed


People who have cats must have encountered this kind of situation. They came home from work and opened a pile of torn paper towels on the door. The cat is safely nestled in the carton, and the face of the cat is not up to her face, but the cat owner is sad and helpless. But soon this situation will be broken, an Australian company launched a cat VR glasses, specializing in those destructive kittens. Recently, the Australian Victorian Conservation Zoo have jointly launched the world's first cat VR. The VR glasses are the world's first and the world's smallest virtual reality system, providing cats with an exceptionally unique experience.

It fits the cat's head size. It won't slip or affect the perception of the cat's beard. When you wear this cat VR, the kitten can play happily in the virtual world and run giant wool balls in the fish market.

Strolling around in the world of cardboard boxes, chasing laser beams, etc. In short, they will never be bored anymore. It is interesting to use VR glasses for cats. The original intention of inventing this cat VR is not just to make cats play happily. The impact of Australian cats on the environment is particularly serious. Every year, Australian pet cats kill 377 million birds, and every five domestic cats who are playing outside are lost. This turns into a stray cat. This funny cat VR The birth of not only can save the lives of countless birds, but also allow cats and cats to stay safely at home, so as not to fall into the streets of the street. In addition, a cat-friendly community website has created. Dedicated VR glasses, for example, how to make the cat's indoor life safe and fun, and the precautions for wearing VR glasses for cats, etc.