Leisure video fishing game machine

- Sep 13, 2018-

Leisure video fishing game machine

Fishing machine game machine introduction:

The fishing machine is divided into a four-person playing machine and a six-person playing machine, which can be used for multiple people to play at the same time. Players can play games in various modes, and use the light ball to hit a variety of fish of different varieties and colors in the picture to get rewards. The reward distribution of the game is reasonable, the size and challenge of the reward can be adjusted according to the actual situation, and the reward can be accumulated when hitting a large number of fish, thus creating a huge return, stimulating the player to continue playing the game, shouting during the hearty game.


Fair and reasonable programming

The fishing machine uses eight full-hand-drawn scenes with high-definition game quality with 3D rendering to ensure that the game is still smooth under true HD standard quality. Through the simulation algorithm, each fish is injected with spirituality, and there is no blunt feeling. The first to use fuzzy logic to optimize the probability in the game, to achieve perfect analysis under multiple probabilities, to ensure the fairness of the game. Dynamic balance logic maximizes the balance between machine profitability and player play experience. It is possible to adjust the program operation mode fundamentally by setting to suit the characteristics of different consumer groups, rather than just controlling the difficulty. By setting up combos, super weapons, super prizes, etc., gradually increase the stickiness of players and machines at multiple levels, instead of just using the rest of the game as an embellishment and gimmick.


The theme picture is colorful


The theme of the fishing machine is positioned in the deep and leisurely ocean. As a crew of ocean fishing, the player manipulates advanced optoelectronic equipment to capture fish in the sea. After the photon hits the fish, it will explode into a large ball of light, covering a large number of fish. Any fish within the scope of the ball of light can be successfully captured and become a lot of gold coins or coins to fly to the player. Attractive!