Let’s go island shooting game machine

- Dec 11, 2018-

Let’s go island shooting game machine


The 55-inch let’s go island large-frame game console is a hot-selling product. The details of the machine are as follows:

1. " Let’s go island " is a cockpit large-frame game machine produced by game console manufacturers. In the game, players will be in the magnificent maritime era, looking for the legendary pirate secret treasure. In the process of treasure hunt, the player will encounter the three major marine monsters that guard the secret treasure. At this time, the gold musket in the hand and the pirate ship's slick gun can be used to fight, which allows the player to fully demonstrate his extraordinary skill in the game machine. The sea monsters are so enjoyable.

2, the game machine is equipped with a large screen 55-inch LCD and 5.1 surround sound, this facility creates a great audio-visual environment for the player, and the player seat will also have feedback function, which will follow in the fierce battle Gunfire and rapid sailing, giving players a more realistic gaming experience, the game's sense of substitution is greatly increased, so that players can not stop.

3, the game mode is specially set up to cooperate to play the reward, you can work together for two, in the process of the two-player battle, the game fun will of course multiply! The game is available in both English and Chinese. Players will not encounter any language barriers during the game!