Let's talk about the lottery game machine

- Dec 12, 2018-

Let's talk about the lottery game machine

Why do we have to operate a lottery game machine? This question is good, so I don't know how to answer it. You can ask another way: In addition to the lottery machine, in the traditional Chinese game machine market, do you have other models to choose from? If there is, no one will choose the hard bones of the lottery machine.


Some people say that the lottery machine is a continuation of the gaming machine. I don't agree with this statement. Frankly speaking, many gambling machines now have the function of issuing tickets, and they have changed their face and forced them to go to the lottery machine. The name is “neutral machine” – the mode of choosing the currency ticket is certain. To the extent that it can evade the law enforcement sensitive point of returning money, it seems to be a perfect edge ball.


Neutral machines, lottery machines and even gift machines are all rewards games. They all have game rewards. The difference is that the rewards are coins, tickets, gifts, coins can be refunded, gifts can also be sold, then, the lottery machine is a continuation of the gaming machine, and it seems to be the same.


But from another perspective, the lottery machine has the same player group as the gaming machine? Is the expectation of playing a game the same? Obviously, the machine characteristics and consumer groups of the two are different. The characteristics of the gaming machine is to select the odds, to win a large amount of material or economic rewards, that is, gambling. From the point of view of business, through the setting of odds, strengthen gambling, enlarge the gambling, control through a high probability, and slowly "pump", let people want to stop, gradually addicted. The setting of the lottery machine determines that its "gambling" is completely unable to meet the needs of "gamblers". (How to set up to reflect the "gambling", it is not elaborated here, it is another professional field of expertise) The same is true for gift machines. Therefore, lottery machines, gift machines and gaming machines are essentially different. The lottery machine is also used as a venue for gambling operations. It is also popular for a short time, but what kind of consumers are attracted. It is clear to everyone that it can be seen for a long time. The development history of the game entertainment industry has proved this.


At present, the conventional machine types in the video game venue include a simulator, a lottery machine, a gift machine, a parent-child machine, etc., and the parent-child machine can also be basically subdivided into a gift machine (a capsule) and a lottery machine (a ticket).


The price of the simulator is still high. The price of a group of cars is more expensive than that of a real car. The cost of recovery is far away, and the cost of the simulator is terrible. We can only help but comfort ourselves: the simulator is in the store. The treasure of the town shop, a group of two groups always have to buy, to do business first face, or else not too high grade;


Gift machines, including grabs, capsule machines, scissors machines, etc., are limited by the "family" style update and other reasons - piracy and inferiority, genuine original hard to find, difficult to expand the scale, breakthrough is more difficult.


What I personally know is that in some large venues, the weight of the gift machine has reached 60% or more of the entire collection. It is not only a stand-alone show, but also a venue for the venue. The lottery machine is a model that has attracted attention in recent years. In the past, when you configured the machine, more or less will be equipped with some lottery machines, but not too concerned about the operation of the lottery machine, nor the management analysis of the lottery machine players, machine revenue analysis and gift supply, simple understanding In order to be indispensable for this type of machine, it is necessary to come up with a few, so it is equipped with some, and rarely think about the revenue of these machines, how the data, the sustainable management of customers and so on.


The simulator is expensive, can't afford, and is slow to return; the gift machine has high operating costs, good gifts, and good figurine. At this time, do not make a fuss on the lottery machine, seek a breakthrough, why to wait?