Lipstick gift vending machine

- Oct 16, 2018-

Lipstick gift vending machine


1.Product introduction:

The lipstick machine is a net red amusement machine designed for young people. The appearance of the machine is bright and dazzling. The content is simple and interesting. Because the lipstick is mainly used as a gift at the beginning of the design, the name of the lipstick machine comes from this; it is suitable for video game center, children's parks, gift houses, shopping malls and other places.

2.Lipstick machine game description:

    Coin/WeChat scan code, choose a cabinet to start the game,

    Enter the game, in the specified time, insert all the lipstick into the macaron, then the pass will successfully enter the next level, the lipstick can not touch the lipstick on the macaron, otherwise the pass will fail.

    After three passes, the gift cabinet opens and the player takes the gift away.

There are 65 grids, 64 small grids and a large grid. First press the yellow machine button to select the gift in your favorite grid, then pay, the payment method can be coin-operated to scan the code, there is only one game, there are three levels, customs clearance, through the three levels, the grid you choose will pop up and get the prize. If there is no game, there is no gift, the corresponding gift also has a price, you can also directly scan the code to get the gift in the grid.