Lipstick machine is not a simple vending machine

- Mar 06, 2019-

Lipstick machine is not a simple vending machine


The lipstick machine, in addition to the vending function, also has a game function, and the entertainment interaction is strong. In the game selection, it must be a simple game, such as throwing darts, jumping, etc.; complex games, the public is not willing to spend too much time to understand the rules of the game;

Play games on the screen, and win gifts. A "win" word can be described as deep and caters to the human nature and psychology of the Chinese people. It must have a certain game nature. Therefore, it is no accident that the lipstick opportunity is on fire.

1. Product precision point: The lipstick machine has made accurate positioning of the products, pinpointing the positioning population, and insight into the needs of the target population;

2, the new retail mode: lipstick machine by means of vending, regardless of time, location restrictions, products are easy to trade and access, high exposure and easy to attract attention;

3, entertainment supremacy: lipstick machine with the game as a medium, increase human-computer interaction, entertainment;

4, marketing promotion: with China's largest social platform - vibrato, let the lipstick machine become a network red.

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