Lucky Bag Machine: Empowering New Retail

- Dec 12, 2018-

Lucky Bag Machine: Empowering New Retail


What is a bag machine?

The lucky bag machine is a highly playable vending machine originating from Japan and Taiwan. It is supported by unmanned vending machine technology. It is paid by scan code, and the blessing bag cabinet is launched according to the blessing number selected by the consumer on the screen. Mysterious blessing bag, open the blessing bag, there is a "mysterious gift" presented.

Unify the uniquely packaged but different value gifts and the unique game mode of playing high-priced products at low prices, and seize the user's expectation of spending a small amount of money to get high-value goods to attract users.

The success of the vending machine's operational capability is mainly related to income levels, demographics, consumption practices, government policy provisions and supporting factors. Generally speaking, the higher the income level, the larger the proportion of the floating population, the more people and the more people who like fashion, the more sales and the sales of vending machines. Resellers choose to be a vending machine that not only reduces operating costs, but also helps retail terminals extend business hours and liberate human resources.

The lucky bag machine is a mixture of vending machines and gift machines, which can be said to combine the advantages of both.


The market advantage and characteristics of the bag machine

1. The most fashionable - innovative sales model detonated the country;

2. Uniqueness - the national market has not yet been fully laid out;

3. High returns - daily cash income arrives immediately;

4. Less investment - small investment, quick results;

5. Simpler - the phone can check revenue and watch sales at any time.


Under the development of unmanned retail, each bag machine is more than just an offline sales scene. It is equipped with free WIFI, charging and other functions, and it is also a mobile carrier that integrates functions such as data, advertising, media and mass marketing. .


Through the diversification of customer groups, the expansion of data samples, the unbounded brand marketing, and the diversification of profit sources, the goal of all participants in the operation of the bag machine is achieved.