Misunderstanding of the operation and management of gift machines

- Dec 18, 2018-

Misunderstanding of the operation and management of gift machines

How much is the gift machine in the end, look at the streets and alleys, as long as there is a place to rest for a while, basically there will be a gift machine, you want to avoid it is difficult.

But why is this industry so hot? All the major merchants have poured in, whether it is the industry elite who are in the industry, or the white people who have turned around and started from scratch, they are rushing for the big cake of gift machine. Looking at such a good trend, is it possible to lie down and make money as long as you buy a gift machine? In fact, many of the white people who just entered the line thought that they might find a point to put a few gift machines, and they can go home and wait for the money. However, in fact, the cost has not been recovered, and the gift machine has no one to patronize.


Many people have invested in gift machines and found a good pendulum, but the actual situation is really unsatisfactory, not like other people lying down to collect money. Why is this? In fact, these operators are caught in one or more misunderstandings of the gift machine operation, operating the gift machine with their own ideas. The following will let Xiao Xiao talk about the misunderstanding of the gift machine operation for most new operators.


First, do not pay attention to the placement of space

Many people are watching the gift machine. The trend is very good, so they are rushing in. There is no systematic concept about the business layout of the gift machine. I think that it is in the commercial area, in fact, in the same commercial center. Different locations will have different crowds and people flow. There are many factors in any commercial format. If you want to operate a gift machine, you still have to consider many factors to determine the location.


Second, think that the probability of catching low can make money

The essence of the doll machine is to sell gifts through a game, and use the psychology of the player game to obtain profits. However, many operators have fallen into a misunderstanding, that is, in order to make more profits, the reward rate of gifts is very low. Imagine if a player spends more than the market value of the gift, will the player continue to choose to play? This is definitely impossible. This will only be counterproductive, so that the players can retreat and even stay away. The result is that basically no one is playing, let alone profit.


Third, casually put gifts / dolls in the machine

In terms of the choice of gifts, many operators have fallen into a misunderstanding. In order to reduce the investment in gifts, just choose some cheap dolls. As the so-called penny and goods, the quality of cheap dolls is definitely not good, and the most important thing is that the dolls are ugly. Gift machines can not attract players, good-looking dolls are the key! Some inferior dolls are not of interest to the player, let alone play.


Fourth, the money trouble

Nowadays, many gift machines on the market are equipped with coin exchange machines. However, in the age of network information, many exchange machines can only use banknotes, so that players without cash are very embarrassed, so it is very important to keep up with the times.


Five, less innovation in game

Most of the operators who have just entered the line, basically the first reaction is the doll machine, because the doll machine is one of the most original gift machines, and the understanding is also more thorough, so basically the doll machine is the main. After so many years of development of the gift machine, a variety of gift machines have emerged, not to mention the single game of the doll machine, a single placement of the doll opportunity to make players lose their sense of freshness. A gift machine that can be paired with other games is a good choice.