NBA series basketball machine

- Oct 30, 2018-

NBA series basketball machine


Designed with the theme of NBA teams, the front of the machine has huge posters of the team's star players, such as Yao Ming of the Rockets, Kobe Bryant of the Lakers, James of the Cavaliers, the Big Three of the Celtics, etc. According to your own preferences, choose a basketball machine with your own support team or star to shoot, show yourself, let the superstars look at their own shooting style!

The overall frame is made of steel and moisture-proof MDF. The bracket is made of square steel pipe and thick mesh screen. The thicker moisture-proof MDF is used to make the chassis. The whole machine gives a steady and thick impression. The player will not shake the body after shooting. The ball is desperate to pour this unsafe, unpleasant game feeling, but it is still under the pressure of the mountain. The basketball has a sound, such as lying on the thick floor, making the player closer to the real basketball court to play basketball.

PC endurance board manufacturing shooting display board, stainless steel basketball box, nylon ball net, after hitting the basket, "squeaky" sound, like a natural sound, players can fully enjoy the thrill of basketball. The brand-name high-endurance motor is used to control the movement of the basket to the left and right, and the performance is stable. The player does not need to worry about the jump of the basketball frame after the second pass.



The use of high-quality metal photoelectric scorer eliminates the scoring and non-scoring phenomenon. At the same time, the high-brightness LED display panel is clearly visible under the sunlight, which is convenient for players to know their score data in a timely and accurate manner, with a higher challenge.

Background music

With background music and voice report, you can access MP3, background music can be changed at will, players can access songs according to their own preferences, while enjoying the passion of shooting and music.


Score and pass

A total of 8 levels of configuration, clearance scores are: first level: 40 points; second level: 120 points; third level: 250 points; fourth level: 400 points; fifth level: 550 points; sixth level: 700 points. The seventh level: 850; the eighth level: 950 points; the last twenty seconds of each level is 3 points per ball; the basket starts to swing left and right at the second level, and the game ends when the game ends. Optional online battle function, up to 32 connections;


Each level is set with the lowest score. You must enter the next level when the score of the basket exceeds the set minimum score within the specified time. Only one person can pass the match during the match, and others can pass.