New marketing model for lipstick machine

- Dec 01, 2018-

New marketing model for lipstick machine


As we all know, in the group that buys lipstick, female consumers are the main force to do their part. Recently, the show on the social platform not only has food and scenery from all over the world, but also a red lipstick machine and a gift bag vending machine. The lipstick machine is so popular on the line. Why is this?


The lipstick is so hot, it is no accident!

The lipstick machine has made accurate positioning of the products, identified the target population, and insighted the needs of the target population;

With the vending method, the lipstick machine is not restricted by time and place, convenient for trading and acquisition, and more attractive to the eye;

The lipstick machine uses games as a medium to increase human-computer interaction and entertainment.

The lipstick machine uses the largest social platform in China to “shake the sound”, making the lipstick machine a net red.

These are the reasons why the lipstick machine is so hot.


What is the lipstick machine?

The lipstick machine is now in a lot of shopping malls, and has been able to go hand in hand with the doll machine. From the game level, it is actually a "snap pin" game, just a needle replaced with lipstick; from the marketing level, it is the ordinary Shaoguan win gift game.


How to treat lipstick machine

For the user, this is a paid game. The low threshold may also have a high return. You don't need to download the app. Just pay a few dollars, and if you are lucky, you may get a lipstick. But for developers and agents, this is a money-making tool, low-cost and high-yield, they can artificially control the probability in the system settings, as long as the traffic is large, they can make a profit.


Why is it poisoned?

The seemingly easy game entrance and value-for-money lipstick rewards make consumers want to stop. This is because lipstick has a great lethal effect on women. Whether it is a single woman, a couple or a husband and wife who are the recipients of the lipstick machine, the female masses can choose the favorite brand and color number in the lipstick machine game. The male masses may also want to ask women. Children are happy to participate, which creates a certain customer stickiness.


The future development of lipstick machine

The new retail model of lipstick machine may be used in large-scale sales and promotion of retail brands in the future. The brand's combination of offline storefront and “game machine” can achieve the effect of double-selling and selling.