New mode of operation of the claw crane toy game machine

- Mar 23, 2019-

New mode of operation of the claw crane toy game machine


1. Analysis from site selection

This is an external condition. A venue with a large flow of people can naturally achieve a good turnover without having to do too much promotion or achieve a multiplier effect with only a small amount of promotion.

2. from the choice of dolls to analyze

Putting some beautiful and popular dolls can attract more consumers and arouse the desire of consumers. Merchants can choose some of the current popular, beautiful dolls. Exquisitely popular dolls are attractive tools.

3. Appropriate promotion and promotion

Active propaganda and irregular promotion can, on the one hand, enable consumers to establish consumption habits, on the other hand, they can accumulate popularity. The so-called wine fragrance is also afraid of the deep alley, reasonable propaganda can explore some consumers who usually do not pay attention to the doll machine; can also use the consumer's cheap psychology, occasionally hold some promotional means, such as buying 10 coins to send 1 Coin, buy 20 coins to send 3 coins, or buy stamps to send gifts; send drinks and other promotional means can stimulate the customer's consumption.

4.a good customer experience

A good reputation and customer experience is very important. If you do pre-sales and after-sales work, let the customer experience be fully satisfied, communicate with customers and do after-sales service, then customers are willing to spend money here. And willing to spend more times.

In addition, the dolls selected by the guests can be combined in size, some small dolls are placed in some machines, and some larger dolls are placed in some machines. After all, different consumers have different preferences, like big ones and small ones. Meeting the various preferences is a necessary factor for success.