New terminal 丨 vending machine, unmanned store, which investment?

- Apr 10, 2019-

New terminal 丨 vending machine, unmanned store, which investment?


24 hours unattended convenience store, customers can buy goods to go inside to select goods, choose things to leave directly, no on-site payment.

Will such an application scenario completely replace the vending machine?

Vending machine

Vending machine business in densely populated areas. The first round of harvesting of capital has been completed, and many investors intend to incubate such projects.

Why is the auto-selling that is not new in its own form fire at this time? Is this a good business? If you are an institutional investor, or an individual investor who is holding a spare cash, looking for an offline consumer format that is suitable for investment or joining, these issues need to be clarified.

Here, I am trying to find the answer through the following questions.

1. Why is it possible to invest now?

Beginning in 2016, the overall status of the offline entity chain has ushered in a window period. One obvious reason is that online traffic opportunities are decreasing and almost exhausted. So entrepreneurs and investors are returning to the line and looking for new opportunities.

However, there is also a problem with the offline chain business. Its profit margin is constantly shrinking, and the cost of rent and labor costs continue to rise: in 2016, the average salary of Chinese employees increased by 8%, and the overall rent increased by 7%. Therefore, "de-humanized small unit offline chain" has become a good choice, which corresponds to the automatic sales equipment.

In China, an average of 4,500 people own a vending machine, and this number is 35 in the US and 23 in Japan, which is extremely unsaturation in the market, with the popularity of mobile payments and the cyclical evolution of capital. Opportunity, the vending machine format that existed earlier was concentrated in the end of 2016.

2. How to invest in vending machines?

A vending machine is a business that can return quickly. The return cycle of a single coffee machine varies from 4 to 6 months, the orange juice machine and the ice cream machine are not around, and the mini KTV may be faster.

But retail has little economies of scale and is a linear growth business, so we need to replicate this profitable unit on a large scale.

This has also become the advantage of the vending machine: it is easier to complete the channel BD, reduce the channel cost, and more easily enter the long tail high traffic areas that the stores can't cover, such as a store that is hundreds of square meters. Office buildings, communities, subway stations, etc. Moreover, the process of channel landing will be faster and more flexible.

3. What are the concerns about investing in vending machines?

In order to judge whether a vending machine is suitable for starting a business or investing, it is necessary to start with the basic logic of the retail format.

Most of the vending machines are stuck in fast-moving consumer goods such as beverages and snacks. The gross profit is about 40.49% (according to the first half of 2016).

This kind of machine separates people and objects, can't touch the items, and needs to pay first to get the goods. This is also the case. Sometimes the key is to inject coins, the goods can't fall out, you are angry and ruined, and it falls out again. A lot of goods, it makes people laugh and cry.